Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Character Sketch

The Title of Power

Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!
Power is lost and gained determined by the decisions you make throughout your
lifetime. Some may have more power due to being a leader; others, less powerful. Though having more power may seem worth it, power leads to having to make more decisions for not only yourself, but others too. In this story, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Ralph has to make decisions for everyone. Ralph has to most power considering his high authority as being the chief. “You're chief Ralph. You remember everything.” - pg. 192. Ralph's desires, worries and fears influence the power he has gradually. Therefore Ralph's main desire is to get rescued off the island and be safe again. Since Ralph is the chief, he has the most power which helps influence their decisions and help them find a way to exit the island as soon as possible. Although everyone always viewed Ralph as a powerful, strong leader, throughout the story everyone loved Ralph more and more because he seemed so determined to make sure everyone got off the island alive and well. Ralph viewed himself as very strong emotionally also. He was not cocky, but his determination showed confidence. He truly believed in himself throughout this journey. Many things motivate Ralph. Him just being the leader and telling people what jobs they have to do help motivate Ralph because it makes him feel like the boss. Throughout his journey, Ralph is surrounded by many people and resources along the island that keep him strong. For the part were he has a tribe, hes the chief and he knows his tribe is behind him 100% (for the time being) So therefore, that also encourages Ralph to stay motivated with his team behind him. “I'm chief” - pg. 201. Most of the main conflicts didn't have to do a lot with Ralph. A conflict occurred between Piggy and Jack when Jack began to think that Piggy was a easy target and began to pick on him. Conflict like that got resolved because they realized that they all need to be a team and work together if they want to get off this island. They had small conflict with how Ralph wanted to keep the fire going.. but some didn't think it was a good idea until boats saw the fire and arrived at the island to help. “Ralph trotted into the forest and returned with a wide spray of green which he dumped on the fire.” - pg. 152. Ralph has a couple redeeming qualities but not really much. Since he had to cope with the death of Piggy, He really becomes strong and because a true leader by the end of the novel. “I got the conch” pg. 91. Ralph is a strong, motivated, leader and chief. He keeps his power through almost the entire book, resulting in success by the end. He is motivated enough to be able to achieve anything if he tries.

Sara Klakurka

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  1. Good analysis of character!
    Sometimes veers into plot re-play. Remember to stay focused on character, and quotes that back up your analysis rather than a re-telling of the story.
    do a spell check!