Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Lord of the Flies: Quarter 2

Alayah Czernick
May 23/12
Lord of the Flies: Quarter 2
Skeletol Plot:
  1. The boys start a daily rhythym ie; geting wood and keeping the fire going
  2. A monster is now mentioned
  3. Jack is now obsessed with killing a pig
  4. Jack and Piggy still don't get along
  5. Boys see a parachuter
  6. Simon is killed because the hunters loose themselves

Conflict: There are a few main conflicts in this quarter. One would be character vs character; Piggy and Jack. These two still don't have liking for eachother. Another conflict is also character vs character but it's between Ralph, Jack and the Hunters. Jack feels like he doesn't have to listen to Ralph, and Jacks Hunters will follow Jack in whatever he does.

Setting: The boys are still on the island, or either in the jungle on the island. Though now the island has huts and fire that the boys have made and take care of.

Characters: In this quarter you meet Jacks Hunters; his main Hunter is Roger. Part of his Hunters involve some littluns and his choir.

Point of View: Third person omniscient. Again, it tells the story from all point of views. The P.O.V is not looking into one head, but looking into all.

Writers Style:
  1. Similie - “Somtimes land loomed where there was no land and flicked out like a bubble as the children watched.” ( Page 63)
  2. Imagery - “At midday the illusions merged to the sky.” (Page 63)
  3. Diction - “The glittering sea.” (Page 63)
  4. Novel Idea – Wanting to be rescued; “I said before, the fire is the main thing.” (Page 112)
  5. Dialogue - “We'll eat first, then go.” (Page 112)

Desire to be Rescued

Personal Response: Personally, I know how it feels to be weak, but also I know how it feels to have power and go too far with that power. Weakness and Power are two very different things, though they both are very powerful emotions, and these emotions can lead either to negative or positive out comes. I've learned to control my emotions, whether negative or positvie.

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