Thursday, 24 May 2012

Quatering the text #2 Bryan Tay

Quartering the text #2

Skeletol plot:
1)The boys think they have a monster/ beast on the island with them
  1. jack and piggy still hate each other
  2. they are still stuck on the island
  3. They have a fire going 24/7

Conflict: Person vs Person between piggy and jack and there is another person vs person between Ralph and Jack. Jack thinks he is better than Ralph and doesn't have to obey Ralph's leadership and does his own thing with his hunters

Setting: The setting is still on the island in the middle of the ocean.

Characters: You still have all the same characters except you meet Jacks hunters. Jacks main hunter is Roger.

Point Of View. The point of view is still 3rd Person/ Limited omniscient, it doesn't look from one persons point of view it looks from all of theirs.

Taking sides

Personal Response: I think it was a pretty boring section because they don't really do anything and nothing really happens other than i little bit about a beast or monster on the island. All that has really happen is arguments between the kids and constant meetings about how some of the kids aren't doing anything. Ralph is definitely the leader but he can't control the kids because they aren't listening to him.

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