Tuesday, 22 May 2012

moc trial

Jane is not guilty because walburg was very controlling and very demanding in the relationship. When he left the party he had the keys in his hand. They were all intoxicated at the time and he wanted to be a police officer in the future. He wanted to do something in his life, and to put other drunk people in the hands of his future, there's no way. He was definitely driving the vehicle at the time. Walburg had an injury to his head and his chest. How could that happen in the back seat. In the front you have the steering wheel and the windshield, side window so many things he could get injured from. In the back seat all you have is the seat in front of you and the side window. The DNA analysis showed their blood in the back was Jane and the blood in the front was walburg. Blood doesn't just fly around when you get in a crash. Theres gravity not zero gravity. They had a minute or two after the crash to control and asses the situation. More than enough time to have Jane switch seats with walburg. Jane is innocent. 

Bryan Taylor

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