Monday, 28 May 2012

Life of a Geisha

Equality of women has been of concern for decades; roll model figures have surfaced in result of the fight to allow women be equal to men. These days you think all women have equal rights, they can work, they can vote, they can pretty much do whatever men can do without a question. But what about the cultures that still see women as an object and not human, which they are a delicacy, and expected of much more. nIn the book 'Life of a Geisha' by Arthur Golden, this is a perfect example of a culture making women fight for the attention of men. The story of a young girl named Chiyo, sold into the geisha culture and renamed, Sayuri,is a detailed view of how one culture is still putting copious amounts of pressure on girls and women to dedicate their lives to men.

1. "I'd been condemned to the drudgery of a maid."
2. "ordinarily a man on the streets of Gion wouldn't notice a girl like me"
3. "two younger men stood to one side of him; a geisha stood to the other."
4. "I often heard men addressed by the titles like 'Department Head' or occasionally 'Vice President'.."
5. "Please, sir, what [that geisha] says is true. I'm only a foolish girl.."

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  1. Strong start- insightful first paragraph.
    quotes are good- but no analysis
    (essential for the assignment)