Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Lord of the flies quote response

  The quote “The horror... the horror” has very strong relationships with the theme of “Lord of the Flies”. The fear of unknown is one of the themes of “Lord of the Flies”, it is the reason why the kids turn to savages on the small island. “That was awful. It kind of sat up-” “There were eyes-” “Teeth-” “Claws-” “We ran as fast as we could-”(Ch6) is how Sam and Eric describes the beast, which is actually a shadow they couldn't see clearly. This is the horror of the kids to the unknown nature on the island. They imagine the shadow as a fearsome monster and said they actually saw the monster charging on them. “Maybe there is a beast.” “maybe its only us”(Ch5) is how Simon thinks of the beast. He knows that there is no actual beast on the island but, there is a beast hide deep in everyone's mind. This is the horror of human nature. The quote “The horror, the horror” is totally related with “Lord of the Flies”. Every kids on the island show there horror to the unknown. Without the horror, the kids might have refrain from turning into savag

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