Friday, 25 May 2012

City of Lost Souls - Character sketch
Katlyn Spencer

Clary Fray is a girl surrounded by demon hunters called Shadow Hunters. She is in love with a boy, Jace Wayland, who was taken away from her and binded to her evil brother Sebastian. Her choices are reckless and suicidal but are all in the sake of saving her love. Her fears and desires all circulate around the well being of Jace and she chases him into a demon world because of them. Clary is seen as a stubborn, suicidal girl by her family and friends. She views herself as a normal girl that just wants to be with the one she loves. She is motivated by the need to save Jace and destroy Sebastian before he destroys the world. The conflicts in this book circle around Clary's mind. She wants Jace and she sees him happy with Sebastian when he's controlled but she also wants to save him. Clary is a strong, stubborn girl that fights for what she loves and believes in and won't give up until she has Jace back and Sebastian has been killed.

 1) "I'll do it whether you help me or not," she said. "If I can't use the rings, I'll still follow Jace to wherever he is ans try to get word back to you guys by sneaking away, finding telephones, whatever. If it's possible. I'm going to do it Simon. I just have a better chance of surviving if you help me."
Clary is explaining her plan to her best friend Simon about going to a demon dimension to find Jace and try to help him. She doesn't care if Simon will help her or not she will do it no matter what.

2) "Whatever happens to Jonathan (Sebastian) happens to Jace. Do you understand, Mom? If you kill him, Jace dies. He's already bleeding. Mom, please."
Clary jumped in front of her mom to stop her from killing Sebastian because whatever happens to Sebastian happens to Jace. Her love and fear for Jace cause her to stop her mom.

3) "Jocelyn, your daughter isn't stupid, and she does what she thinks is right. You can't stop her. No one can stop her. She is a great deal like her mother."
Magnus, a friend of Clary's, is talking to Jocelyn, Clary's mom, about Clary going with Jace. He thinks Clary is stubborn and will do whatever she thinks is right. He also says that Jocelyn was like that when she was younger.

4) "Of course I can see it. I'm not stupid. But I have faith. I saw him possessed before, and I saw him break free of it. I think Jace is still in there somewhere. I think there's a way to save him."
Clary is motivated by her knowledge of Jace's strength. He has broken free of a possession before and she believes he can do it again. She wants to help any way she can.

5) "I'm telling you. When you're - like you are, controlled - you seem happy. I came here because I wanted to save you." Her voice dropped. "But I started to wonder what I was saving you from. How I could bring you back to a life you seemed so unhappy with."
Clary is talking to Jace after he has been severed from Sebastian's control for a moment. She wants him to be happy and she sees him happy when he's controlled. She also wants him to be safe so it is very difficult for her to decide what to do.

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