Wednesday, 23 May 2012

shengs Second Quarter

Second Quarter

1 Skeletal plot
-They see a ship on the horizon
-Jack and the hunters caught a pig
-Jack and Ralph fight because it was the hunters responsibility to watch the signal fire
-They roasted and ate the pig
-one of the littlun say they saw a monster
-they search the island for the monster

2 Setting
no change

3 Characters
no change

no change

5 Notables on the writer’s style and structures
no change

6 Themes
-how to hunt
-how to live on a deserted island
-monster hunters

Personal Response*
This quarter was quite a drama builder making the reader want to read on because, there was a ship and just about to think they were gonna get rescued but they didn't and the kids are full of fear, they think a monster is on the island which makes the reader wonder if they will find the monster.

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