Monday, 28 May 2012

Memoirs of a Geisha : “The horror, the horror.”

The quote 'the horror, the horror' would fit into the book 'Memoirs of a Geisha' in the eyes of Sayuri. Sayuri is the girl who was kidnapped and taken to become a geisha. At first she thinks this is a a new start to her life and will be great, then after she is torn away from her sister she realizes this is not a place you want to be. She is forced to be the house slave and attend geisha school. The head geisha is always blaming everything on young Sayuri and she is punished by getting hit and neglected. As Sayuri grows to be a young woman she realizes 'the horror' in a different sense. The head geisha is unfaithful to the culture and lies to her elders. She sabotages the younger geisha's to stay on top. When Sayuri is bought by another geisha mentor who has Sayuri's best interest in her mind she is then faced to compete head on with the geisha she grew up with who essentially ruined her childhood. As well as competing she is seeing for the first time what it takes to be a geisha, to dedicate your life to entertaining men. The fight to be the prettiest, most elegant geisha in the whole town. She deals with the physical pain she must go through to be the best, sleeping with her neck propped up on a piece of wood, wearing shoes that make her a foot taller. The way some of the men treat the geisha's who have not proven themselves worthy of respect, is horror in itself. 'The horror, the horror' is a great way to sum up all that has happened to Sayuri as a working geisha.

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