Friday, 25 May 2012

"The Horror, the horror" quote relation to Lord of the Flies

The horror, the horror!” - Lord of the Flies

                 Lord of the flies relates very strongly to the quote 
“The horror, the horror”. The main characters in the Lord of the Flies go through many problems and have to make tough choices to conquer inefficient difficulties. “Not scared so much as paralysed; hung up here immovable on the top of the diminishing, moving mountain” pg. 135. The boys are clearly very frightened in this situation being stuck on a island and having to scrounge around for food, so that's a great relation to this quote. Piggy and Ralph stay strong for as long as they could until the death of Piggy traumatized all the boys. “Piggy whispered. 'And the fire.'” pg. 197. “The horror, the horror!” has a strong relation to this story because I think that the feeling you get with this quote represents worry and being afraid, and considering that's how the boys are feeling throughout almost the entire book, this shows a very close relation to the two.

Sara Klakurka
May 25th, 2012

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