Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lord of the Flies (1/4)
Jake Nightingale
Skeletal Plot:

-          -  Plane crash
-          -  Children stranded on an uninhabited island
-          -  No government of formal society
-          -  Little food
-          -  Children have no sense of security


The type of conflict is Person vs. Person, the lack of any formal law and minimal food there becomes large amounts of tension between characters. Verbal and physical fights break out quite frequently and relations aren’t a high a priority as food is.


The story takes place on an uninhabited island without adults, which is important as it creates tension and safety issues.

-          -  Ralph, Simon, Piggy and Jack are the main characters
-          -  Sam and Eric are twin brothers with a significant role
-          -  The littluns are the younger kids
-          -  The Biguns are the rest of the older kids

Point of View:
The point of view in the story is 3rd person because it explains everyone`s point of view.

Personal Response:
I think the first quarter of the book was very vivid, descriptive and realistic. The dialogue played a major role in my enjoyment. The characters worked together for a while then did their own thing shortly after in amusing and funny ways. 

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