Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lord of the flies quarter 2

Lord of the Flies
Quarter 2
Sara Klakurka

1.Skeletal Plot:
  1. The boys decide to make and fire and keeps a daily plan going
  2. On the beach, Ralph and Piggy see a ship and realize the fire is out
  3. Ralph holds onto the conch and explains to the boys their failure to the group
  4. A battle occurs while their sleeping with airplanes and explosions above them
  5. As they awake and walk some more, they play games and look for the beast

There wasn't really any big conflicts throughout this chapter of the book. There was a couple character vs. character conflicts with Piggy and Jack, along with Ralph, Jack between the hunters. Which are very large conflict considering they are the main characters in the novel, but nothing huge happened in this quarter.

The setting throughout this quarter of the novel is mostly in the forest and on the main place on the beach.

Jacks hunters, along with Ralph and Jack himself.

4.Point of View:
The point of view is the same throughout the whole novel, therefore its in 3rd person omniscient. I think that this author chose this point of view to show everyone's perspective. This shows everyone's opinions and gives the novel a wide point of view.
    5.Writers Style and Structure:
    Similes or Metaphors: “Sometimes land loomed where there was no land and flicked out like a bubble as the children watched.” pg. 63
Visual or Imagery: “Ralph bundered on, savaging himself, as the wisp of smoke moved on” pg. 71
Unusual vocabulary or Diction: “lamentably springy” pg. 82
Particular Idea: Savagery
Dialogue? Is it realistic?: Yes, lots of dialogue “They don't smell me. They see me, I think. Something pink under the trees.”


7.Personal Response:
Personally I think that this quarter of the novel is a little more exciting than the first quarter considering you know the characters more now and more things occur. I couldn't relate at all to any of the things that happened but they seemed to be very interesting. The experience that the protagonist goes through is very universal. The protagonist, Ralph, goes though a lot in this chapter to try and keep all the boys together and make sure they are making smart choices to help them all return home and get off this island.

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