Friday, 25 May 2012

Oh the Horror.... the horror

“ No. Goddammit. I'm, “Raeanne.”

No, no, no! His head twists
from side to side, until I'm sure
it will spin off his neck. Raeanne

is dead, Kaeleigh. She died
in the accident, remember?
Listen to me Kaeleigh.”
Pg 519

In “Identical” by Ellen Hopkins there's a vital twist at the end where it turns out that, instead of Raeanne and Kaeleigh being the two protagonists, there's really only Kaeleigh who's created a different identity for herself as her sister and unconsciously lives out a different life through her. There's only been one sister all along and the other one died years ago. This ties in with “Oh the horror... the horror” because her life has been turned completely upside down, everything she thought she knew is wrong. Just like in a horror movie when you realize that the killer was hiding around the corner and there's nothing you can do about it now because it's much too late to run and hide – as Kaeleigh has been doing throughout the whole book. At first she struggles to accept the fact that her sister is dead, and doesn't exist any longer, and nothing she thinks happened ever did. Kaeleigh has a tough time accepting that all the thing her 'sister' did that were wrong and against the flow of things and bad were actually things that she had done. She has to learn to accept that and to change herself and turn around, turn away from the drugs, away from the old people she knew, and forgive the people around her who hurt her in some way or another. Kaeleigh has to go through therapy and be hospitalized for a while after she's been told that her sister died.

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