Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Character Sketch
by David

In Lord of the Flies, Ralph plays a vital part as acting as their leader. While he was elected by the children into the position of chief. However, even though he is the chief he goes through a series of ups and downs in regards to his mental state and the way he acts. The greatest changed seen are that he starts as who he was, then as the story continues he starts to become full of himself.

“No Grown-ups!” Pg 2 line 21
Ralph started out as a boy who disliked adults, and was content with there being no adults at all.

“I'm Chief then” Pg 19 line 19
Ralph becoming chief makes him feel as though he is better, stronger, and smarter then the others.

“He was dreaming” Pg 35 line 8
Ralph, listening to the small child talk about the snakes, laughed and dismissed it without thinking about it much at all. Mostly bias that a small child talking such grand things has to be lying.

““Like kids!” he said scornfully. “Acting like a crowd of kids!”” Pg 37 line 21
Ralph and the other older kids had established that the person with the conch was in control and soon after Ralph, the Chief proposed they make a fire to signal that they are there. As soon fire was mentioned though, everyone stood up and ran into the forest to make a fire. The fact that no body listened to Ralph helped him realize that he is still who he was before.

“Ralph stood away from the pile and put the glasses into Piggy's groping hands.” Pg 40 Line 29
Even though Ralph got swept away in the commotion of everything, and ended up just following the others. Ralph doesn't forget about Piggy who is a close friend to him, and is still one of the few who listens to piggy.

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  1. Easy to follow your writing.
    Quotes clearly back up your thesis and character analysis.
    Just try to be more specific...he starts out as who he was.....what does this mean exactly?

    Well done!