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Lord of the Flies Expository Essay

   One of the themes in the poem “Lord of the Flies” is children come over difficulties. There are three major forces that oppose Ralph from achieving his goal of let everyone leave the island safely.
     The first one is very simple, it is the nature. Ralph and other boys were left on a small island after the plane they were on crushed. The nature is the first thing that the boys need to face. It is the first of all they need to come over in order to survive. This made the boys very cooperative at the beginning. After the boys are used to live on the island, the thing started to turn worth. The hunters are used to kill. They are not hunting the animals for the meal of everyone anymore, but hunting to satisfy themselves.
  The second challenge is the mind of the boys. As the last paragraph said, the hunters began to hunt for fun instead for everyone’s meal. The boys themselves are getting succumbed into the more interesting but less moral things. The Lord of the Flies (the pig head) said that he is inside everyone’s mind, which means the beast that everyone was afraid is actually themselves.
  The third challenge is the boys that couldn’t come over with the second challenge. Near the end of the story, only Ralph, Piggy, and a few littluns (including Sam and Eric) didn’t join Jack’s tribe. All the other boys were attracted by the freedom and fun they thought Jack’s tribe would be. Jack is the leader of this force. He acts like a tyrant in his tribe that he beats up other boys without any reasons, and he doesn’t let other boys to give suggestion in the assembly.
  These forces are the major factors that caused the tragedy of Piggy and Simon. Under the special situation, many boys couldn’t keep their intellect and turn into savages. Ralph is the only boy who didn’t join Jack’s tribe and survived until the end.

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Lord of the Flies Quarter Analysis (4/4)

Lord of the Flies Quarter Analysis (4/4)

Michael Feng
Lord of the Flies (4/4)
By William Golding

Skeletal plot
1- Ralph feels really bad about how he acts the night before. He thinks that it was also his fault that he couldn’t stop the other boys from killing Simon.
2- Jack is a tyrant in his tribe. He beats up other boys with no reason. He and the other boys in his tribe are not guilty of what they did. They really think Simon was the beast, or they pretend Simon was the beast. They attacked Ralph’s tribe and steal Piggy’s glass away so they can make their own fire.
3- Ralph and his followers go to Jack’s tribe for a meeting. They bring the conch with them hoping the hunters still recognize it, but Jack ordered the hunters to capture Sam and Eric. Ralph and Jack starts to fight while piggy is trying to say something to stop the fight. Roger rolls a rock down and hits Piggy and crush the conch. Piggy died and falls into the ocean with the conch. Ralph then escapes as fast as he could.
4- Ralph goes to Jack’s tribe again in the night and meets Sam and Eric who are guarding the gate. Sam and Eric tell him Jack is going to hunt him tomorrow. Ralph then leaves and run into the forest. He found the pig head on the stake. He pulls off the pig head and brings the stake away as his weapon. He fell asleep in a thicket.
5- Ralph wakes up and hears Jack asking Sam and Eric to find out the place he is hiding. The hunters start to attack Ralph, and Ralph defenses himself using the landscape and the stake. Then the hunters try to use fire to smoke Ralph out of the Thicket. Ralph runs to the beach and meets a naval officer who came close to the island to check what the fire was. (The fire that the hunters use to smoke Ralph) Jack and the other boys arrive at the beach too. After the reprimand of the naval officer, everyone starts to sob.

Person vs Person
This part it shows the fight between Ralph and Jack. Ralph realizes there is no way to recover his friendship with Jack, and he gets angry when Jack attacks him.

Without the glass, Piggy can nearly see nothing in his sight. He asks Ralph to go to Jack’s tribe and try if they can work together again. They also bring the conch with them that they hope that Jack and his followers still recognize the authority of it. Ralph blows the conch at the gate of Jack’s tribe, but no one is responding and they start to throw stones at Ralph. Ralph realizes that the civilization on the island is totally gone after Piggy get killed. He escaped from the hunters’ attacks. Ironically, the fire that the hunters use to smoke Ralph became their life saver, that a ship came close to the island to check the fire

-Ralph: In this quarter, Ralph becomes very sad because of the death of Simon. After Jack steals Piggy’s glass, he begins to feel angry about Jack. He and his followers went to Jack’s tribe and tried to negotiate with Jack, but Jack just attacked them. At the end, only Ralph left and he is almost desperate.

-Piggy: He is still a character that represents intellect and civilization. In this quarter, his glass which is the only thing to make fire on the island is stole by Jack. For himself, he can see almost nothing without the glass, so he asks Ralph to go to negotiate with Jack. When Ralph is attacked by Jack, Piggy tried to stop their fight, but Roger rolls a rock dock the hill and hits piggy. With the fall of Piggy and the conch, there is no more civilization remained on the island.

-Jack: He uses the meat to attract Ralph’s followers to join his tribe. And at the end, everyone except Ralph joined Jack’s tribe. In his tribe, Jack is being a tyrant. He beats up other boys without any reason, and he doesn’t give other people the right to speak during an assembly.

Notables on writer’s style and structure
-Simile:“Nothing prospered but the flies who blackened their lord and made the spilt guts look like a heap of glistening coal.” (Chapter 9)

-Imagery:“A steady current of heated air rose all day from the mountain and was thrust to ten thousand feet; revolving masses of gas piled up the static until the air was ready to explode.” (Chapter 9)

- Yes, there are a lot of dialogues between the kids on the island.

"That's where they've gone. Jack's party."

"Let them go," said Ralph, uneasily, "I don't care."

"Just for some meat--"

"And for hunting," said Ralph, wisely, "and for pretending to be a tribe, and putting on war-paint."

- Loss of civilization

- Savagery

This quarter shows the reverse of Ralph and Jack’s power. Now there are only few littluns other than Piggy who are still in Ralph’s tribe, while Jack has almost everyone in his tribe. Being the chief of his tribe, Jack shows the opposite policy with Ralph. He rules like a tyrant while Ralph had a more democratic idea. At the end of story, there is finally someone who comes onto the island. Ironically, it was the fire that was used to smoke Ralph out of the thicket became the signal fire. It is a very sarcastic ending, after Ralph tried so hard to keep rule, it is still a chaotic situation on the island.

Lord of the Flies Quarter Analysis (3/4)

Michael Feng
Lord of the Flies (3/4)
By William Golding

Skeletal plot
1- Ralph go together with the hunters to chase a boar. It was the first time Ralph ever joined a hunt, and he could hit the boar with his spear. He felt very good when he hit the boar. Although they couldn’t kill the boar, but the hunters were all very excited after the hunt. They made a boy called Robert to be the boar and they jab Robert and almost killed Robert that they forgot they were just playing a game.
2- Jack blows the conch to have an assembly. He told everyone that he saw the beast when he went to check with Ralph and Roger. He also said that Ralph was a coward that escaped fastest when they saw the beast, so he should be removed from the leadership. But most of the boys disagreed on removing Ralph from the leadership, and this really made Jack angry, causing him to leave the tribe and build another one by himself.
3- Ralph, Piggy and Simon built another signal fire on the beach with many other boys to avoid any contact with the beast. Many boys in Ralph’s tribe joined Jack’s tribe.
4- The hunters killed a sow, and Jack ordered them to leave the sow’s head on a stake and put it on the ground to be the sacrifice to the beast. And finally Jack declares a strike on Ralph’s tribe. He stole the burning sticks and invite Ralph’s followers to his tribe by saying that they can join the feast in the night. Simon then returns to his own sanctuary finding that there is a pig head on a stake now. The head speaks to Simon saying that he is the “Lord of the Flies”, a beast that lives in every human. No one can escape from him. Simon, who was horrified by the head collapses in a faint in the forest.
5- Simon woke up and found the day already turned dark. He ran down the hill to tell everyone that actually the beast is themselves. When he appeared from the forest while the other boys were having a feast, no one could look clearly and they thought Simon is the beast. Simon is killed in the frenzy.

Person vs self

This quarter shows how easily human can be attracted to break the rules. Even Ralph seemed possible to become a person like Jack the only difference was he didn’t start hunting at the beginning.

Jack starts a new tribe and he is the chief of it. Many boys in Ralph’s tribe are attracted by the feast that the new tribe is going to make. The beast showed up as a demon that lives inside every human’s mind, which is proved by the accident in the feast. Simon is killed by the hunters because they thought he was the beast.


-Ralph: Ralph is depressed after Jack leaves his tribe. He is still trying to let everyone leaves the island safely. He showed he might have been the same with Jack if he hunts from the beginning when he seems so excited after hitting the boar with his spear.

-Piggy: Piggy is still a person who can think ideas for Ralph. He told Ralph to move their signal fire to the beach so they don’t have to meet the beast.

-Jack: Jack has changed a lot since the beginning of the story, which shows that he is a dynamic character. He finally breaks up with Ralph, that he started a new tribe to do whatever he wants to do.

-Simon: Simon is a very important character in this quarter. He was the first person to realize that there is no real beast, the beast is living inside everyone who is afraid of the beast.

Notables on writer’s style and structure
-Simile: “They tried the forest but it was thick and woven like a bird’s nest.” (Chapter 7)

-Imagery: “The filmy enchantments of mirage could not endure the cold ocean water and the horizon was hard, clipped blue.” (Chapter 7)

- Yes, there are a lot of dialogues between the kids on the island.
"He's gone."

"I hit him," said Ralph again, "and the spear stuck in a bit."

He felt the need of witnesses.

"Didn't you see me?"

Maurice nodded.

"I saw you. Right bang on his snout--Wheee!"

- Lord of the Flies (the pig head on the stake)
- Human instincts
- Savagery (Jack wants to use the pig head to be the sacrifice to the beast)

- Loss of intellect ( The pig symbolizes intellect and the hunters cut off its head)

This quarter is a turn of the story. Everything begins with the leave of Jack and the hunters. Jack and the hunters killed so many times that they are becoming brutal now. They attacked Ralph’s tribe and they cut off the pig’s head and put it on
a stake. They are turning into savages that follow few rules. They can now do whatever they want without any limit.

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creative essay

Change of the end of the story essay.

Lord of the flies

In the story lord of the flies Ralph ends up getting hunted by all of the other children on the island. The group is ran by Jack their leader who wants to kill Ralph. Jack has already killed piggy and has no problem with killing Ralph. The Tribe burns the hole island on fire while hunting for the beast and Ralph and a nearby Navy boat sees it and comes over and saves Ralph, unfortuantely the other children do not get saved.

Ralph and piggy get the conch and convince the children to come onto their side, the kids dont know what to do due to Jacks command and beleive if they go with Jack he will protect them and he has more of the power. Ralph and piggy somehow convince a few of them to come to their side. Ralph knows that Jack and his tribe are planning an attack so the boys go out and find and build weapons and sheltors. the night dawns and the island is quiet eveyone is waiting to see what happens. the boys take turns sleeping and gaurding throughtout the night, but nothing happens. The sun slowly comes up the next morning and on the beach is a canoe. No body has any idea where the canoe came from but are interesting to find out so they head over. 

A few hours later the boys still dont know where this canoe has come from so they adventure on around the island not thinking about the risk they are taking. As they come aeound the corner there is Jack tribe waiting to fight, Jack anouces that he wants to take on Ralph on a one on one so Ralph agrees. The two go at it and both are getting extremely hurt. With one punch to the face frm Jack he knocks Ralph onto his Back and drives a sharpen fishing rod into hes stomuch. There is not much Ralphs tribe can do to help him so Ralph bleeds to death and dies. Ralphs tribe goes over to Jack and accepts him as his leader, Jack does not like Piggy so he ties him to the tree and leaves him there to die slowely. A few days later the boys head down to the beach.

They see a fishing boat in the distance and try and get its attention but the fishing boat does not notice. so Jack makes a torch out of dried tree branches and waves it around. Eventually the fishing boat sees them and comes over. Its six older men and they get off the boat and get everyone on board. They take them to the land and the boys get to see their families again and live the rest if their lives.

City of Lost Souls Creative Essay

I struggle to free myself from the crushing hold Jace has on my arms. I just wish he would snap out of this possession. I want the real him back, the him I know I can reach if only I can get my hands on that sword. The screams and cries of the injured echo around me and the smell of freshly spilled blood fills the humid night air. I can see the shadowhunters clad in black leather fighting off the red clad traitors with all their might. At least the ritual was interrupted before anyone else was turned. 
The red clad traitors surround Jace, Sebastian, and I, trying to protect there master. I struggle against the strong hold that Jace has on me but it is no use, his grip is like iron. A thought clicks in my head and I stop struggling. I lean back against his chest and relax, he sees this as me giving up and loosens his grip. I kick back quickly and he removes his grip with a gasp. I run and push my way through the sea of red. I finally break through and see something that breaks my heart. Laying on the ground are hundreds of bodies. Black and red cloaks spread like broken angels wings. I push the thought out of my mind and keep running trying to find Simon.
"Clary!" his familiar voice calls from my right and I turn frantically searching for his messy brown hair and lanky body. There he is.
"Simon! I'm so glad you're okay!" I yell as we collide in hug that lasts only a second thanks to the fighting around us. Simon has tears in his eyes.
"I brought the sword." He says handing it to me. It is gleaming silver and is very sharp. It is a true angel sword.
"Thank god. Is everyone alright?" I ask.
"Your mom and Alec and Izzy are fine considering but Magnus was stabbed by one of the soldiers. He is still alive but barely." I can see that he is holding something back from me but at the moment I can't question him.
"Okay. You go back and make sure they are all safe and I will find Sebastian." I spit out Sebastian's name.
"Clary, please just don't get yourself killed." Simon says with a small smile on his face.
"Same to you." I reply. We hug briefly and then I run back the way I came.
The fighting has died down a bit and it is obvious that the shadowhunters are winning. The circle of red clad traitors is no longer there and I can see both Sebastian and Jace fighting. I run towards the silver hair of Sebastian but am blocked by Jace. He stands in front of me eyes narrowed and clothes bloody.
"Clary, why won't you listen and stay with us? I only want you to be safe." He says exasperated. His golden eyes dart down to the sword in my hand. "Wh-" he begins but before he can say anything I drive the blade through his chest and fall to the ground.
"If one is stabbed the link is broken between the two. If the one you stab is completely evil then he will die and burn to ash while if the other one is being possessed then they will live and vice versa"
Those words circle my mind as tears slide down my cheeks. Please let it work.
I am watching Jace when all of a sudden he starts glowing and a long high pitched scream emanates from his gaping mouth. The sword is glowing with a golden fire and it is spreading over Jace's body. I am now sobbing uncontrollably. I just killed Jace, the love of my life.

The sounds of battle have disappeared and all that are left are about twenty shadowhunters and Simon who is now stroking my back. The last of the holy fire that was burning Jace is gone and his lifeless body lies in the cool grass in front of me. I lunge forward and grab his face.
"Jace. Wake up. You have to wake up now! Please. Don't leave me. Please!" I scream at him and shake him. He can't be dead.
My mom grabs my shoulder and turns me to her.
"Clary, he is gone. Lets leave, it will make it easier." She says to me tears brimming in her green eyes.
"I am not leaving. He has to be alive." I yell at her and turn back to face his body.
I stare at his perfect face as people try to persuade me to get up, to leave but I don't pay attention. His face is still full of life. I am thinking about how it looks like he is sleeping when I see a slight movement. I look closer. I wait a few seconds and then, his eye twitchs.
"He's still alive! His eye twitched. Please someone come help!" I scream hysterically to the people around me. I allow my mother to take me away as Jace is put on a stretcher and taken back to the institute. I look off into the distance and see a figure with silvery hair lying on the ground motionless.
"Is that... Sebastian?" I ask my mother, shocked. The sword actually killed him. My mom looks over and sees him to. We look at each other and smile. Another evil taken from this world.

Represent a key scene

Home - song
Hold on, to me as we go 
As we roll down this unfamiliar road 
And although this wave is stringing us along 
Just know you’re not alone 
Cause I’m going to make this place your home 

Settle down, it'll all be clear 
Don't pay no mind to the demons 
They fill you with fear 
The trouble it might drag you down 
If you get lost, you can always be found 

Just know you’re not alone 
Cause I’m going to make this place your home 

Settle down, it'll all be clear 
Don't pay no mind to the demons 
They fill you with fear 
The trouble it might drag you down 
If you get lost, you can always be found 

Just know you’re not alone 
Cause I’m going to make this place your home

I think this song represents the relationship between Jace and Clary very well. All Clary wants to do is save Jace and bring him home. This song talks about the demons and trouble dragging you down. I feel that that is exactly what happens to Jace. He gets taken by Sebastian and is turned to evil against his will. He is lost and wants to be found even if he doesn't know it. I think the singers point of view is exactly like Clary's. She wants to find Jace and let him know that he is not alone and that she will help find the real him inside his possessed body. This song is about finding your true home and that is exactly what happens in the City of Lost Souls.

imaginative-narrative final 5 paragraph essay

Sara Klakurka

Lord of the Flies

Imaginative-Narrative Essay

Have you ever felt the feeling of betrayal? Have you ever felt the determination
for survival? I think we have all experienced the feeling of betrayal whether it is towards a friend or family member, dealing with surviving a life or death situation, or something less complicated. In the Lord of the Flies, all of the main characters, Piggy, Ralph, Jack, Simon and Roger, have all gone through these difficult situations. Some, felt betrayal of one another though they all felt survival since they are at a life or death situation. Is the problem you feel you need to survive over, really a worry that’s going to change your life forever? Or just change life for a little while?
In this novel, all the boys feel as if they have all gone though the worst point in
their lives realizing they are stranded on an island with no unlimited amount of food and fresh water. Some of the boys on the other hand stress their way through a tough period with betrayal. Jack and Ralph fight a lot through this novel deciding who the top leader is and this causes conflict throughout this novel. The boys have all gone through this unnecessarily tough point in their lives deciding whether or not certain situations are safe, and which are not so safe.
In almost every chapter of this novel, the boys struggle in their day to day lives.
Both betrayal and survival is two things that are not easy to avoid when trapped on an island with so many determined people who have different dreams and visions on life. Through the end, realizing the death of Piggy really turned people’s minds into realizing the situations that could happen that they would never expect. These problems are the ones that we go through day to day also.
You may not be one to hope for survival when it comes to yourself, but others
you love.. or even surviving a school quiz or exam. Survival can be mentally or physically surviving a problem in life or even at least experiencing this issue. When it comes to betrayal, I think anyone and everyone can come to a point in life where they felt betrayal, if it’s through your kids, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, friends, family or anyone close to you in life. Betrayal is probably the worst negative feeling you can feel towards someone but everyone goes through this at some point or another.
Basically, the Lord of the Flies and our lives are very much tied into these two
real life emotions. Though our lives might seem to be the end, you need to do what’s right and make sure to brush it off your shoulder because it’ll all get better. Rough things might happen throughout the way but you’ll learn that it was all worth it in the end and everything happens for a reason. That’s what the boys realized in the Lord of the Flies, as they got on the rescue craft and made their way back home.

City of Lost Souls Diary Entries

Clarys Diary
Entry 1
I woke up this morning screaming. I had the same dream again. I've had it every night since Jace disappeared. I dreamt that the world was covered with ice and all I can see is angels falling from the sky with bloody wings. I look back at the ground and see Sebastian standing there laughing with Jace standing expressionless beside him. I can't believe I let Sebastian take Jace away I don't know what he's doing to him or where they are. At least I got a bit of good news today. I am not guilty of doing illegal magic. It's a bit bittersweet though because the Clave had called off the search for Jace. I guess Simon, Izzy, Alec, and I are on our own now.

Entry 2
I contacted the Seelie Queen today to see if she would help us find Jace. She said she would if I stole her fathers old rings back from the Institute. She told me that they could be used to contact the person wearing the other one through mind. I found them and decided to keep them to myself, they could be useful in the future. When I was getting the rings guess what happened? Jace and Sebastian walked in the room together. I was so shocked and upset. The worst thing was that they were acting as if they were brothers. Jace wasn't even fighting for his own freedom. I was hiding from them up on the balcony completely frozen. They were looking for a book. I can't quite remember what it was, I'm still in shock.

Entry 3
I can;t believe it! Jace walked into my room while I was sleeping and acted completely normal. I knew it wasn't the real him in there. He seemed empty and cold and whenever I mentioned what that Sebastian was evil and he killed many people Jace's face just went slack and it seemed like what I said had flew over his head. Sebastian walked in while Jace was talking to me and they both want me to come with them and help them with whatever they are doing. Sebastian seems a bit different. He seems a bit kinder and he told me that Jace is under Lilith's curse which binds both Jace and Sebastian together which makes killing one kill the other. They both went downstairs and I followed but my mom was down there. She grabbed a knife and had tears in her eyes. She wants to kill Sebastian. She feels as though it's her fault he is evil. They ended up fighting and then look came down the stairs and shot at Sebastian. The bullet hit his arm and both he and Jace screamed in pain and had blood bleed through their shirts. Sebastian then threw a knife at Luke and it hit him in the stomach. It was covered in silver and seeing how Luke is a werewolf it is affecting him very badly if we don't get help soon he may die. Jace and Sebastian left through a portal after that but Jace asked me to meet him back and Luke's place tomorrow night. I think I will. I have and idea.

Entry 4
I am sitting on the doorstep of Luke's house waiting for Jace right now. Me and my mom were staying with Magnus and Alec after Luke was stabbed yesterday. My mom locked me in my room so I won't go looking for Jace. I can't believe she is treating me like such a little kid. I know she wants me to be safe but doesn't she realize how much I love Jace? Anyway, this afternoon I was able to sneak out and meet Simon. I told about how the Seelie rings work and that I'd like him to use one while I have the other so I can go with Jace and Sebastian and relay info back to Simon and everyone. He really didn't want me to go but ended up realizing that I would go anyways so he reluctantly agreed. I will probably be going through demon worlds and other different places while I am with Jace and Sebastian so I hope the rings work there. I see Jace coming. I probably won't be able to write while I am with them so, bye!

3 Song Comparison Assignment

Songs about imperialism

1) The Beatles-Bungalow Bill

This song may not seem to be about imperialism but theres some deeper meening behide the lyrics. For instence

 the line ''He's the all American bullet-headed saxon mother's son" and the line "Deep in the jungle where the mighty

 tiger lies" are refering to the american invasion of Vietnam. This makes sense since the Vietcong were called tiger's by

 the american G.I's because they would jump out of the bushes and surprise american soldiers. The song also

 references "Captain Marvel" zapping a tiger in the eyes which would be an american shooting a vietnamese

person. I think however that the biggest piece of evedence would be the lines"The children asked him if to kill was

 not a sin."Not when he looked so fierce", his mummy butted in "If looks could kill it would have been us instead

 of him". This set of lines shows that the american had shot a civilian simply because he looked like the enemy.

This shows true imperialism because the american shows no remorse over killing the man because hes seen as less

 of a person then him.

2) Minutemen-The Price of Paradise

This song is much more to the point of the imperialism of vietnam. It even mentions it in the line "Across the ocean

 in a land they call Vietnam. Young men dying is all it would cost". The song talks about the heavy loses on both sides

 because of the war and about how the vietnam war was only fuelled by greed and corruption. One of the heavier

lines in this song is "All pawns and puppets of flesh and bone. Will die for their leaders far from their homes.

These are men who died very young. Afraid to see that their cause was unjust" which talks about even though the

 soldiers though they were doing some good for the country they were really just using it for its naturel resources and


3) Dead Kennedys-California Uber Alles

This song is less about the Vietnam War and more about the corruption and imperialism of the United States.

The song compares the United States to the Theird Reich in many different way. In the lines "Now it is 1984.

 Knock-knock at your front door. It's the suede/denim secret police. They have come for your uncool niece."

 the song talks about how government oficials dreeses as citizens will come to peoples houses and take away

people they deem unfit for society. They go further into this and the Nazi comparisons in the next four lines

 "Come quietly to the camp. You'd look nice as a drawstring lamp. Don't you worry, it's only a shower. For

your clothes here's a pretty flower." . The references are pretty clear in these lines, the showers are obviously

refering to the concentration camp showers that the Nazi's used during WW2. This song has many references to

imperialism and inner-country corruption and even if its not the most obvious choice for an imperialistic song i think

 its different while still talking about the same thing.

City of Lost Souls quote response

The quote "Oh the horror... the horror" ties into the novel City of Lost Souls very well. In the City of Lost souls the world has two parts. The part that we can see and understand and the part that hides the demons and evil that we cannot understand. In the novel Clary and her friends are shadowhunters, they protect the humans from the evil that lives in our world. In the book Clary's boyfriend, Jace, is taken and possessed by her evil, half demon brother, Sebastian. Throughout the book Clary has to live with the fear that Sebastian causes her so she can save Jace. Sebastian only wants one thing and that is to eliminate the humans. He was taught by his father to be violent, “I learned to play the instruments of war. And paint in blood. I am not like Jace.”. He manipulates Jace throughout the whole book and leads him into deadly situations. He wants to control the world and let evil overtake it. The book is filled with horror and pain and I think it goes very well with the quote.

Bonus Assignment

Bonus Character Sketch- Ralph
           The whole novel "Lord of The Flies" is base around the idea of civilization versus savagery, and throughout the novel he is portrayed as the civilization side of the battle. His character did not really change throughout the book so this character sketch will mostly be examples of how he represented civilization and order.
           Ralph was the one to blow the conch and rally everyone together and organize everyone into classes for who does what jobs. He could think all this through and make some sort of civilization and he just a twelve year old kid, who just got in a plane crash and is now trapped on an island. But Jack (The representation of savagery in the novel) dislikes that Ralph is the leader and eventually turns some children against Ralph where if the children follow Jack there is no chance of escape because he has no sense of the outside world(civilization) and only concentrates on killing and eating pig. The fact all Jack cared about was killing pig was ironic because they end up killing Piggy. So depicting Jack's leadership with such savagery just increases our feeling of how wise and "civilized" Ralph was and if they had just listened to him everything would have went quite a bit more smoothly for the lot of them.

Lord of the Flies- Journal Entries

Entry 1
I think it’s safe to say that today may have been one of the worst days of my life. What kind of normal 12 year old boy can say that their plane crashed near a deserted island and will now have to fight to survive? I can tell you that I now consider that reality. The moment the plane hit the ground the only thing that ran through my scattered mind was if I was ever going to see my family and friends again. At first I thought I was the only survivor, but I soon came to realize, once I searched the island, that there was at least one other boy. He was quite chubby and not very attractive to say the least. He was all wrapped up in what I presume was seaweed. I asked him what his name was, he told me it was Piggy. Well suited if I might say so myself. Together we more or less calmed each others nerves even though I still had so many unanswered questions. Will I survive? Will they find us? Will I be eaten by wild animals? I hope I’m found soon. Spending too much time on this island won’t only drive me crazy, but I will sooner or later die. Me and Piggy are both clearly confused as to where we are and what exactly is going to happen. We decided it might be a good idea to go search around for not only other people, but things that might help us survive for as long as possible. Things like food, maybe some shelter, things to keep us warm. The list could go on to make me feel at home, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen on this island. While we were looking around we came across some shallow water, I looked in and saw something glimmering in the sunlight. It seemed to be some sort of shell, a conch shell is what Piggy described it as, apparently very valuable. I wanted to take it with me, maybe even bring it all the way back home when we get rescued. I’ve never had something of great value. Piggy told me if you blow into it, it makes noise. Curiosity obviously got the best of me and I blew as hard as I could. To my great surprise, boys started appearing at the sound of the conch. I blew it a few more times, and even more boys started appearing! A terrible situation seemed to have had a turn of events and turned into a less terrible situation, not very ideal, but less terrible. Well I’m off to meet some of the boys and maybe share some survival ideas!

Entry 2
Well as a group we decided that it was probably best to have one person make all the important decisions for the group. With a big group of immature boys it’s not exactly the easiest task to come to a final agreement. That being said, the vote was between Jack, a very strong boy, me, the most logical boy, and Piggy, the shy yet logical one. Me being the most logical, I obviously won. The boys made the right decision. I know I have the maturity and logic to lead the group to survival and hopefully rescue. Personally I think Jack is much too aggressive to lead a group of boys. He would just condone barbarian behaviour and savagery, something that will not help us in the long run. Not long after I was voted the leader hysteria seemed to have broken out throughout the boys. Apparently there’s a beast on the island, says the little boys. I just don’t believe it! I searched the whole island, I didn’t see anything of the sort...well at least I hope I didn’t. Any rational person would know that beasts don’t exist. Obviously they’re not in their right minds, there can’t be a beast! Oh no...what if there is! No no no no! How would we even survive if there was a beast? This can’t be happening. Who’s gonna kill this beast? Jack I’m sure would get too scared. Why is this all happening to me?! I don’t understand!

Entry 3
Ok, so I figured out this whole beast situation. Some of the boys and I went to go search for this so called beast and came to find out that it’s just pigs who are roaming the island. Now that that’s dealt with its sort of nice to know that maybe if we were to hunt the pigs we would have food to eat. Hunting the pigs is a whole other story though. I certainly don’t know how to hunt but Jack apparently has experience. I guess we’ll have to see how that goes. Anyways, a lot of the boys had said they’d heard of people making signal fires or something like that. Basically just so that planes flying above can see the smoke and know that there’s people on the island who need rescuing. We tried starting a fire, not exactly the easiest task. One of the boys had said that using Piggy’s glasses and that sunlight would start a fire, who knew it would actually work! I had a lot higher hopes of being rescued. I told the boys that some of them needed to watch the fire to make sure it didn’t go out or ignite a bigger fire. They discussed that amongst themselves, they decided that some would watch the fire and some would get food. Whatever works for them, works for me! I had much more important things to worry about, that’s for sure. Little did I know that the boys would neglect the fire and let it go out! The boys got so obsessed with the hunting of the pigs and killing in general that they stopped watching the fire. Their behaviour is really starting to worry me. I hope their disgusting savage behaviour doesn’t get too crazy. That is not pushing us any closer to survival or rescuing. They’re simply being idiotic now.

Entry 4
I’m really starting to get worried. The boys are starting to split into little groups and turning into complete animals! It all started with their intrigued attitude towards hunting and killing and progressed from there. Jack and Roger have horrible intentions for the boys. They’re letting the best of this situation get to their heads, the fact that there are no parents or supervisors here to guide us in the right direction. Well actually, I wouldn’t call that the best part of this situation. It makes it so much harder! I thought I was smart enough to be able to do this, but really who am I kidding? I’m only 12! This is so much harder than I thought. Having my mom here to guide me along would make my life 20 times easier. Jack and Roger have turned the boys into complete savages, and when I say savages I’m talking painted faces, killing left right and center, those types of savages. They’ve persuaded so many boys to come to their side and hardly any of the boys are in touch with reality anymore. I get it, they’re hungry and tired, and probably scared. I don’t think they understand that the best and most efficient way to hopefully get rescued is to maintain order. No one will listen to me anymore! All I want to do is go home, even the thought of not being rescued makes me cringe. I miss my home, my family, and my friends. Living life without rules just isn’t as fun one would think, it’s out of control and I want this all to end.

Bonus Assignment

The Conch

The Conch
Just a simple shell
Holding endless power
I found it, in the midst of my distress
It assembled us in one blow
Now it holds us as one
We depend on it
The Conch

Girlfriend in a Coma

                The world is already starting to end, even if we can’t see it. In 20 years’ time, if we don’t change our ways of polluting the atmosphere, the world will begin to destroy itself with natural means. The arctic permafrost will melt, releasing ancient fossil fuels. Warmer waters will release gasses trapped far below the surface. We can do very little to hold off the inevitable if we can’t change. And if it finally came, how would you act if you were one of the last people on earth. In the story, Girlfriend in a Coma, written by the author Douglas Coupland, Karen, Richard, Pam, Hamilton, Wendy, Jared and Linus all come to experience this after the terrifying plague of sleep; the end of life as we know it. It’s a very philosophical book about the meaning of human lives, and what we strive for; the truth. Their after world is crashing all around them. Everything is dying. They have to make a choice: sacrifice the one who brought them all together again and their normal lives in society to return, or be wiped away on an empty planet.

                In the three parts of this book, the story belongs to a certain person. The first is Richard. After his girlfriend and dear member of the group of friends slips into a coma thanks to an unfortunate dieting pill and vodka, Richard not only realizes that there might have been a strange inevitability, foretold by the girlfriend in a Coma herself, but that he now has the responsibility of becoming a father to her child that is on its way, Megan. “She looked at me and then I was hers. It was that fast,” page 56. Richard’s views change after meeting his daughter in young adulthood, but he still slips into troublesome behaviour because of the sorrow that comes from Karen’s state. As Megan grows up, Richard has some very deep connections with her.  “Megan! Of course she’s not lettuce---nor any other vegetable. Your mother is not a vegetable, Megan,” page 67. Sharing the knowledge of Karen’s comatose state, with Richard bringing Megan to meet her mother at a young age helps the father and daughter bond. However, Richard cannot truly heal, until seventeen years later, Karen wakes up, and it becomes her story.

                By this point, everyone has made a mess of their lives. Although Pam retired from modelling and brought the group together in a career in the special-effects of show-biz, she and Hamilton are druggies, thoroughly unsatisfied with life. Still in love with the long deceased Jared, Wendy’s a workaholic. Linus is spaced out and trying to learn the meaning of life without success. Richard is an alcoholic that barely sees his kid. Megan is a rebellious teen who’s making all the wrong choices. But one night, when all the chess pieces are coincidentally at Karen’s hospital, she wakes up from the coma, fully functioning. It’s a God given, impossible miracle, and everyone expects Karen to be an all-knowing wise epiphany gifted woman. The truth is, she’s still just 17 in her head, and jumping into the new era, unlike all the brainwashed followers, she does not like what she sees. “They talk about their machines as if they possess a charmed, religious quality, as if these machines are supposed to compensate for their owner’s inner failings,” page 143. If you woke from the lax times of the late 70’s to the hard-core, go-go-go 1997. However, those around her are happier than they’ve ever been. The tense happiness doesn’t last long though. After finally accepting an interview for a lot of money, Karen dazes out and predicts the end of the world that is coming soon, from voices she’s not supposed to hear. The ones that she got a peek of and sent her into a coma where she hoped she could escape the future. A plague comes that winter, causing women and men, children and elders, everyone to fall asleep and die. With Karen’s visions, she tells the group her friends who survive; Megan, Richard, Linus, Wendy, Pam, Hamilton; as she views an old woman, “Suddenly, she’s sleepy. She lies down on the deck and closes her eyes and sleeps. And that’s that. She is the last person. The world’s over now. Our time begins,” page 208.

                Then, for the next year, they struggle as a ghost watches. Jared. Their old friend, who died of tuberculosis in high school. A real slut of a dude. It is his duty to activate the purpose of the 6 lives, now seven after Megan gave birth after the plague, courtesies from one of her wrong choices. Instead of spending their lonely year on a disintegrating earth questioning life, meaning, destiny and the universe while changing their lives and who they are, like they were supposed to so they could become infinitely wiser and know the truth, they’ve wasted time messing around, watching movies, having parking lot demolition derbies, and torching up Safeway. Giving them visits, and each a miracle of their own, Jared installs in them what their purpose was and how they failed. His plan B is: “You’re to be different now. Your behaviour will be changing. Your thinking is to change. And people will watch these changes in you and they’ll come to experience the world in your new manner,” page 235. He gives them the deal. To return to the time that Karen woke, before the plague, they will have to remember these jobs set on them. Question everything, shout them out loud, and influence everyone to question as well. They might be seen as made. They might become mad. It is the only way to prevent the returning to this plagued, soiled world again though. “I have to go back into my . . . coma,” page 276. Unfortunately this is the catch for Karen. She will never awaken from her coma like she did before. And although this is the sorrowful truth to the deal, Jared keeps it a secret that he, too, must remain in this soiled alternate world for eternity as payment. It is sad, but the meaning of questioning our lives ends this story beautifully. “We’ll draw our line in the sand and force the world to cross our line,” page 284. What this book leaves you with is hope.
               Written by:  Sarah.

Quote Response

“Oh the horror, the horror” Quote Response 

           The quote “Oh the horror...the horror...” from Joseph Conrad's book “The Heart of Darkness ties into the novel “Lord of the Flies” very well. While on the island the boys endured some very traumatizing experiences. The plane crash alone was something that would scar someone for life, but as days passed, situations worsened and got more and more horrific. The boys were stranded; they were left alone with no food, no water, and not one adult on the island. This started to take a toll on them because they started to lose their sense of reality and not being around any civilization would make the average person go mad. “The world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away.” In this quote you can see how they can feel themselves distancing from civilization. But along with that, go some pretty horrific sights and sounds. Watching who you thought was a member of your tribe try to stab your best friend would be horrendous to watch, but that was only one of the many things that happened on the abandoned island.  Over all I thought that the boys handled the state they were in okay but I don’t think they could have lasted another hour on the island.

Lord of the Flies- 4th quarter

Novel Summary Sheet ~Quartering the Text ~
Your name: Mariah Crow Quarter # 4
Novel Name: Lord of the Flies
Author’s last name: Golding
 1. Skeletal plot (Point form only- keep this short but insightful):
1.  –Jack and his tribe steal Piggy’s glasses in the middle of the night to make a fire
2.  –Ralph and a few from his tribe go to reclaim the glasses from Jack
3.  –Ralph and Jack end up fighting
4.  –Roger throws rocks at piggy and one hits him in the chin and  one to the knee. Piggy falls  down 40ft on a rock.
5.  –The twins are captured and forced into Jacks tribe
6.  – The twins spill the beans on where Ralph is hiding(A thicket)
7.  – Jack sets the thicket on fire
8.  – Ralph runs to the beach where he sees a naval officer
§   Conflict or “tension” eg person vs person, or (internal) person vs self; Is this important to the novel’s theme or purpose? Circle one  and explain:
Explanation: The tension in the 4th quarter is mostly between Ralph and Jack and it intensifies when Jack steals Piggy’s glasses, the twins are captured, and other things Jack does toward Ralph.

2. Setting (When & where does various parts of your novel take place-how are theses places important to the character or the theme of your work?): The story still takes place on the abandoned island. The boys are scattered around the island which gives the story a new vibe of being alone and in the middle of nowhere with no help.

3. Characters (Know your character types and why this is important to your novel! (Eg. Are they round/flat-why?/static/dynamic-why?) How many characters do you meet in this quarter or do you find more about their personalities? # 6

During the last quarter all the characters were dynamic for the most part. You meet a new character (The marine) and get to know a few characters better (The littleuns and the twins).  It was important for the other characters to become more involved in the story because they were a big part of living on the island and you see that as more of the characters become more important in the plot.

4. Point Of View~ Circle one!: 1st person    3rd person/limited   omniscient   or   omniscient  
§   Why do you think the writer chose this point of view to develop plot character or themes?

This quarter was once again written in 3rd person, which makes it easier to get a feel for all the characters and there thoughts.  

5.Notables on writer’s style and structure!
§   Are there similes or metaphors? Record a quote: “and tie your hair back…like a girl!”
§   Visual or other imagery? Record a quote: “The sea breathed again in a long slow sigh,”
§   Is there unusual vocabulary or diction? Record a quote: “The multitudinous murmur.”
§   Is the novel structured with a particular idea? Record a quote or explain: I think that the novel is structured around the idea of savagery or
§   Is there dialogue & is it realistic?
The fourth quarter was filled with dialogue and was mostly between the two tribes or Piggy and Ralph.

.   Themes: Record words and topics related to themes contained and developed in your novel:

·  Relief
·  Fear
·  Betrayal
·  Relief
·  Savagery
·  Power
- Fight

Personal Response to this quarter: what you thought or felt, related to, did not relate to; how universal is the experience that your protagonist goes through?

Many things happened during the last quarter. It kept it very exciting and kept you wanting to read more. Lots of things happened that you didn’t expect, for example, Piggy’s death or Jack setting the thicket on fire. I found it hard to relate my life to the book at all but I really enjoyed reading it.