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shengs character sketch

Independent Novel Study character sketch
In this essay about the book, Lord of the Flies written by William Golding, we will explore many points on the protagonist’s Ralph and Jack such as their choices, character, personality, desires, worries, fears, how others and themselves view them, motivation, conflicts and redeeming qualities.
1 “(let him be the chief)(I’m the chief then)”pg.19 This effects Ralphs personality, making him think and react like a leader. Ralph being leader, made Jack into the choir boy leader. “Jacks in charge of the choir. Then can be-what do you want them to be”pg.19
2 Jack has desires, worries, and fears, they influence his choices he makes such as, he wants to be rescued and he thinks that for the wellbeing of others he should be chief because, Jack is an opportunist. “I ought to be chief, said Jack with a simple arrogance”pg.18
3 Ralph views himself as a leader. He suggested to have a leader, knowingly he would have been chosen. “seems to me we out to have a chief to decide things”pg.18 Others also see Ralph as a leader and they pick him because, he’s ready to take on the duties of being a leader. “Ralph! Ralph! Let him be chief”P.19
4 Ralph's prime motivation was to get rescued. He wanted to just survive until the help had arrived. “I could swim when I was five, daddy taught me, he’s a commander in the Navy. When he gets here he’ll come and rescue us”pg.18
5 The main conflict in the story at the moment is person vs. nature. The kids are on an uninhabited island and needs to fend for themselves. For the moment there conflict still is not solved because they have not been rescued yet. “He must have flown off after he dropped us”pg.2
6 Ralph and Jack both have redeeming qualities. Jack is an opportunist and when he has a chance at getting or doing he will go through with it.(irresponsible) Ralph is more mature and try’s to deal with the situation as if he were a grown man and talks it through before he does things.(responsible)

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  1. Lots of thought in your analysis.
    Good quotes- need more focus in your thesis statement, more than retelling the assignment question.
    Careful not to re-tell the story.
    Well done overall!