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Your name: Jessie Quarter #: 2 pg. 141-282
Novel Name: Identical
Author's Last Name: Hopkins
1.Skeletal plot (point form only- keep it short but insightful)
a) Kaeleigh is still struggling with letting Ian love her and loving him back but she's learning and beginning to change into the girl she wants to be but once only thought she could dream of being.
b) Raeanne still doesn't trust or believe any guy, is messing around with two guys now. We learn that she's more messed up than we were first led to think. She's become more disturbing, and nightmarish. She also met Ty who introduced her to a whole new poison.
c) Raeanne has begun to lead Mr. Lawler along with the other two guys even though she knows it's messed up.
d) Learn that they're father and their grandmother didn't get along and sparred at a funeral, don't know who's funeral it was.
e) Mother is doing better in the election, both twins are afraid of losing her to the world.
f) Father is having an 'affair' with their neighbour Hanna.
[] Conflict or “tension” eg person vs person, or (internal) person vs self; Is this important to the novel's theme or purpose? Please explain.
There's a lot more tension now, between Kaeleigh and her inner demons, and Raeanne and her inner demons, they have both started talking to themselves and having little arguments. This is important because it will lead up to the twist and the inevitable end of themselves.

  1. SETTING (When and where does various parts of your novel take place- how are these places important to the character or the theme of your work?):
Mostly it's still taking place at school where they struggle to get through the day, and at home where both of them seek solace in either Oxy pills taken from their fathers cabinet or hard alcohol. Raeanne goes to a party and meets Ty everything is cloudy and vague showing that maybe he's not so trustworthy that part in particular is important because it helps to lead up to Raeanne's fallout faster.

  1. CHARACTERS (Know your character types and why this is important to your novel! Eg Are they round/flat- why? Static/dynamic- why? How many characters do you meet in this quarter or do you find more about their personalities?)
Kaeleigh: Still not showing much of a back bone, still trying to hide from her past. Learning to love Ian and slowly getting better at opening up, may tell him about what's been going on soon. (Round)
Raeanne: Still outspoken and stubborn, is getting more and more out of control as the days pass. She's running around with two guys and becoming more direful. (Round)
Mother: Still running away from her family and using the election as an excuse. (Flat)
Father: Still chasing after his own daughter and using her to cover his emotions and to try and stop feeling so used, lonely, and useless to society, life, and the world. Is also seeking solace in their next door neighbour Hanna, but she is more than willing to have an affair with him – she doesn't know about him and Kaeleigh. (Flat)
Hanna: Next door neighbour who is too friendly with their Dad.
Madison: Still really mean and trying to screw everything up for Raeanne and Kaeleigh. Back together with Mick. (Flat)
Mick: Left Raeanne after he found out she was messing around with Ty and is back together with Madison. (Flat)
Ian: Trying to get Kaeleigh to open up and let him love her, still wanting to lover her more than anything in the world. Knows that there's something she's not telling him, but is willing to wait for her to tell him herself, not pushy. (Flat)
Greta: Found the love of her life again after years of not seeing him due to the war years and years ago – sixty to be exact. Is happy and only wants for Kaeleigh to be happy as well and to find her Prince Charming as well. (Flat)
Grandmother: Keeps calling, don't know what she wants. Father is afraid of her. (Flat)
Grandfather: Hasn't talked to them except to warn of the Grandmother.
Brittany: Reckless driver, wants to be good friends with Kaeleigh, offers her rides to school now that she has her licence. (Flat)
Ian's Brother: He's really mean and tried to flirt with Kaeleigh because he claims Ian said she was “in to other guys.”


[]Why do you think the writer chose this POV to develop plot character or themes?
So that there's a big twist in the end and you don't ever really know what's happened or going to happen.


    []Are there similes or metaphors? Record a quote for this quarter.
“ “Uh, sure.” If you like songs

without music. More like ebonic
pg 223 (Kaeleigh)
[]Visual or other imagery? Record a quote:
Joel seems to like it. He jerks
hies head back and forth till
he looks like a bobblehead
with a really loose spring.”
pg 223 (Kaeleigh)

[]Is there unusual vocabulary or diction? Record a quote:

She can't have a clue about Daddy
and   Kaeleigh.   Unless  she's  been
spuing,  completely  covertly,  for a
very   long time.  Grandpa Gardella
didn't  even  know
about us until just
a few years  ago.
And   our  grand-
mother was  still,
to       everyone's
knowledge,   totally out of the
picture then –-- gone or dead.
So  what  can   she   possibly
hold     over    Daddy's   head
now?  Could   it
have something
to do  with why
Grandpa     and
Daddy      don't
speak  to  each
other?  Did my
father shoot up
heroin?     Sacrifice    neighbourhood
pets?   Hit-and-run,  DUI,   or    shoot
someone, by accident or on purpose?
My  curiosity  is   killing  me  because           n q u i r i n g
                                                     minds want to know.
pg 145 (Raeanne)
[]Is the novel structured with a particular idea? Record a quote or explain:
Wonder If I Should Be Scared
Or at the very
least, a little nervous.

Wonder what it would
take to make

Mom decide to
put her people on me.

I know a secret or two
pg 147 (Raeanne)
[]Is there dialogue & is it realistic? Record a quote:
Yes, you loved me good enough.
So very good! But it's our secret, okay?

Because if anyone knew how much
you love me, they'd be jealous.

Now Kaeleigh was really confused.
Can I tell Mama our secret?”

No! Especially not Mama. She'd get
mad because she doesn't love me

like you. She might even go away
You don't want that, do you?”
pg 153 (Raeanne -remembering)
  1. THEMES: Record words and topics related to themes contained and developed in your novel:
      *Kaeleigh: strength, she needs strength to let people into her
      life but hasn't got it.
      *Raeanne: control, she doesn't know how to control her life or
      that she's even losing control.
      *Father: also needs control, to keep himself away from
      Kaeleigh and to let her live her life.
      *Mother: afraid, she's afraid of dealing with what she knows,
      she knows about what's happening and that she's losing her
      family but won't deal with it.

Personal Response to this quarter: what you thought or felt, related to, did not relate to; how universal is the experience that your protagonist goes though?
I thought that Raeanne was throwing her life away by trying to flirt with Mr. Lawler and should be nicer to Kaeleigh. I thought that Kaeleigh seemed to be having a really hard time coping but that she may have found a saviour in Ian. I don't relate to anything in this book – thank goodness. I feel that other than the twist at the end this book could be very relatable to lots of people around the world. Out of all the juvenile rapes in the US 34.2% of attackers were family members.

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