Wednesday, 23 May 2012

charcter sketch

Character Sketch                    Bryan Taylor

Ralph leaderships skills excel over the other boys who are stranded on the island with him. Most of the other boys are playing and having fun so Ralph builds huts and does anything to maximizes their chances of being rescued. When they first get stranded all the kids follow his thoughts and commands but after a while they start taking sides and going against him. Ralph will be one of the main reasons why the boys get rescued, when the other kids aren't to focused on finding ways, he figured them out by himself. Without Ralph the boys may never be found and survive.

1)”We can use the conch to call the others. Have a meeting with them. They will come when they hear us.”
This shows Ralph's leadership skills right at the start of the book. Piggy finds a conch and Ralph wants all the kids to be together so they have a better chance to survive.

2) “who was jack for chief?” “Who wants me?”In this part the kids pick who wants to be their leader and everyone puts their hand up for Ralph instead of Jack.

3) “We have special people for looking after the fire. Any day there may be a ship out and if we have a signal going they'll come and take us off. Another thing. We ought to have more rules. Where the conch is, that's a meeting.”This is another good quote to show that Ralph is really thinking about ways to maximize their chances of survival. He is sorting everyone out with jobs and task so they can stay alive. He is making rules and figuring out daily routines in order to be successful. 

4)“When the Meeting is over they work for five minutes than they wander off”This shows that the kids are starting not to listen to Ralph and go and do their own thing. Simon is on the kids side and agrees with what the kids are doing. 

5)“So as long as your hunters remember the fire" Before this jack said “Rescue? I want to catch a pig first” this shows that Ralph is basically the only one that really wants to get off the island. All the kids are doing their own thing and not staying and doing things as a group. Ralph starts to realize this needs to figure out what he is going to do next.                                                

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  1. Thanks Bryan! Clear and succinct.
    Only place for improvement is to remember that you are proving how your character is dynamic- meaning they change and grow in a story.