Sunday, 27 May 2012

Quote Response- Da Vinci Code

'The Da Vinci Code', by Dan Brown, is full of scenes of horror and darkness, just like the novel, Heart of Darkness, and the movie, Apocalypse Now. “Oh the horror... the horror” (Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now) describes the theme of both 'Heart of Darkness' and Apocalypse Now'. In both the book and the movie, there is an atmosphere of death, hopelessness, and the lust for power. “Silas lay prone on the canvas mat in his room, allowing the lash wounds on his back to clot in the air. Tonight's second session with the Discipline had left him dizzy and weak.” (Page 195). This quote shows how the themes in 'Heart of Darkness' and 'Apocalypse Now' also show up in 'The Da Vinci Code'. It isn't just your regular story. It illustrates the terror that happens around the world: how people subject themselves to pain, and how death is everywhere. In 'Heart of Darkness' they highlight how destruction, exploitation, and imperialism can lead to 'Horror', which is where the story's theme shines through. In 'Apocalypse Now' they show the tragedy of war, which gives us an underlying feeling of horror, and darkness. Like the novel and movie, 'The Da Vinci Code' has many aspects that show 'Horror', such as being subjected to torture, killing others because they are of 'no use', and killing for what seems like no reason whatsoever. “Oh the horror… the horror” shows the close relationship between the two stories, and highlights the themes in both. 
by Hanna Schmidt

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