Wednesday, 23 May 2012

shengs first quarter (lord of the flies)

First Quarter

1 Skeletal plot
-Plane crashed and passenger’s end up on the island
-Protagonist is introduced & other characters
-They found a conch shell (represents the speaker for the group)
-They blow the conch and have a meeting (Ralph becomes leader and Jack is in charge of choirs)
-they build a camp and make a fire with one of the boys glasses

2 Setting
Takes place on a deserted island, this is important because, they are going crazy without any parents there to keep them in check and they need to be rescued.

3 Characters
-Simon: a choir boy, does what he’s told
-Ralph: oldest in the group, acts like a leader
-Jack: blonde hair, wants to hunt for pigs
-Piggy: fat, not confident, wears glasses
-Sam & Eric: brothers, around 8 years of age

The author chose 3rd person view because, it captures the actions and gestures of all the characters, knowing the actions rather than just knowing the thoughts of a character.

5 Notables on the writer’s style and structures
-Visual: “pink lips of the mouth lay 18 inches away of shell with a slight spiral twist and covered with a delicate embossed pattern”pg.11 (very descriptive)
-The novel was structured with a particular idea of kids being stuck on an island without any help. “a reef out in the sea perhaps there aren’t any grown-ups anywhere”pg.2
-The dialogue was very fiction. “that’s why Ralph made a meeting so we can decide what to do”pg.17

6 Themes
-they are stuck on a deserted island
-there are no parents
-kids will be kids
-conch represents the speaker/boss

Personal Response*
In the first quarter I think the kids were very cooperative with one another. Later on in near the end of the quarter Jack and Ralph surprisingly turned on one another, overall the beginning of the book has been exciting and greatly descriptive.

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