Thursday, 17 May 2012

Independent Novel Study- Assignments

Independent Novel Study Unit

Thematic tie for this unit's possible texts:

Oh the horror...the horror...” (Kurtz, from Joseph Conrad's
Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now)

Required Assignments:

  1. Quartering the text. Purpose: like summary sheets, these offer a synopsis of 4 sections of the text and compressed analysis of ideas therein. Use the structure as a guide. /5 X 4= 20
Due: Quarter #1_____________,#2____________#3___________,#4______________

On the Blog:
  1. Character Sketch. Choose one character in the novel and create a
    detailed character sketch with both written literary elements and an
    image that represents that character. Due:______________________ /24
  1. One polished response writing where you will tie the above quote
    by Kurtz to your text after researching the significance
    (remember to cite properly). 
    Criteria: Two quotes integrated into a paragraph that tie the theme of our novel  
                  study .  One quote is from your novel and one is the quote by Kurtz 
                  (see above).  Tie your novel to the theme of our novel study.  
                   Write a good size paragraph, at least one hand width wide.   
    Due:_________________________________________ /24
  2. Final Essay on a student and teacher generated topic- requires a
    minimum of two conference marks. A conference is a meeting to look over your rough draft and make suggestions. Rough draft: /15 Polished copy: /15
    1. Lit Circles Table Talk- self evaluation and peer evaluation-
This is the wrap-up to our novel study and a celebration.

Due:________________________________________________ /15

Keep ALL rough work! You may need rough work and ideas later to create a note bank, valuable for your lit circle discussions, which will be the final project for this unit:
there will be an adult leader for each lit circle to facilitate discussion.
Keep a paper trail in case of a cyber crisis!!
Now for the fun...turn the page.....

Choice Assignments & Bonus Marks:

Choose two tasks below, and do one or more for bonus marks. If you have another creative project, or design a task for more than one person, see me to negotiate your brilliant possibilities!

  1. Diary Entries: From a primary character. Introspective, detailed and
    their experience through the five senses. Each entry should
    be at least a paragraph in length. Blog entry /24

      1. Represent a key scene: in film, pictures, poetry, song or other media. Include a reflective write up to describe why the scene is important
        and the significance of your representation. Check with me first. The write up must be at least a paragraph in length. /24

  1. View & Analyze: view the film of your novel. Analyze as a movie critic would. Give a detailed movie review. Include the differences between movie and book. Must be at least two paragraphs in length and include quote from
    the book. Compare and contrast between movie and book.
    Blog entry /24
  1. Songs: Listen, Analyze and write a song review for three songs that deal with the theme of this unit. Each review must be a paragraph in length. Include the songs or quotes from the songs. Blog entry /24

      1. Create a game- either on paper or media- based on the theme of your novel.
        Include a reflection on how you've included character types,
        plots, scenery and conflict. Your reflection must be at
        least a paragraph. /24


  1. Character Sketch- to be posted on May 22.
    Late- 5% percent a day

  2. Quarter #2- to be posted Wednesday, May 23

  3. Quarter #2- Due date changed to Thursday, May 24

    Quote Response- Due- Monday, May 28