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Da Vinci Code- Character Sketch

Da Vinci Code- Character Sketch
Hanna Schmidt

Have you ever seen someone one day, then the next time you see them it's almost like you are seeing a different person? People's personality's can completely change in what seems like an instant. Sometimes this can be because of experiences they have gone through that cause them to have a different outlook on life. The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, is a great example of how people can change because of the experiences they have had. The conflict's that are in this novel serve to show us how people's character's can change entirely because of what they have had to go through in their lives.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Sophie declared, her eyes narrowing with rage. “That cryptex was given to me by my grandfather. It is not yours to open” (Pg 422)
This quote shows us a little bit of Sophie’s personality; she has a temper and she believes that since this cryptex was left for her, no one can help her (showing a sense of pride in what she does). This also highlight’s her character growth because at the end of the novel she might not feel this strongly about only her opening this, and she might have valued other’s help in her quest.

“A leap from this height would leave Langdon with a couple of broken legs. At best. Nonetheless, Sophie made here decision. Robert Langdon was about to escape the Louvre, whether he wanted to or not.”
This quote shows how much Sophie has changed from the beginning to the end of the book, she is making different decisions than she normally would due to her experiences throughout the novel. She is forced to use her judgment, and she acts accordingly.

“Gentlemen,” Sophie said, her voice firm. “To quote your words, “You do not find the Grail, the Grail finds you.” I am going to trust that the Grail has found me for a reason, and when the time comes, I will know what to do” (Pg 295)
This quote shows Sophie’s growth into a mature woman, at the beginning she probably wouldn’t have thought along those lines, but now she is more philosophical and realizes that she doesn’t have to understand everything right away. This moment really highlights a change in Sophie’s personality, and shows us what she believes and what she is now searching for.

“Quite well,” she said, her eyes welling now with emotion. “Jacques Sauniere was my Grandfather” (Pg 70)
This quote shows a rare moment of emotion from Sophie and once again shows some of her past. This emotion gives us more insight into her character by showing what causes her to feel sad, and what is the most important to her. This also shows us some of her past. Which shows us why she is even involved in this mission in the first place, once again giving us that extra glimpse into her character, and the reasons for that personality change.

“That night, with her life shattered by disillusionment and betrayal, she packed her belongings and left her home.” (Pg 143)
This quote highlights some of Sophie’s past experiences that have made her who she is today, she has had to go through a lot in her life and it is important to know what is causing her to make these decisions and what has happened in her life that might influence these decisions.


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  2. Excellent quotes and analysis.
    Your opening is good- thesis statement needs to focus on your character rather than the novel conflict- conflict is the board to spring into a deep character analysis.