Wednesday, 20 June 2012

imaginative-narrative final 5 paragraph essay

Sara Klakurka

Lord of the Flies

Imaginative-Narrative Essay

Have you ever felt the feeling of betrayal? Have you ever felt the determination
for survival? I think we have all experienced the feeling of betrayal whether it is towards a friend or family member, dealing with surviving a life or death situation, or something less complicated. In the Lord of the Flies, all of the main characters, Piggy, Ralph, Jack, Simon and Roger, have all gone through these difficult situations. Some, felt betrayal of one another though they all felt survival since they are at a life or death situation. Is the problem you feel you need to survive over, really a worry that’s going to change your life forever? Or just change life for a little while?
In this novel, all the boys feel as if they have all gone though the worst point in
their lives realizing they are stranded on an island with no unlimited amount of food and fresh water. Some of the boys on the other hand stress their way through a tough period with betrayal. Jack and Ralph fight a lot through this novel deciding who the top leader is and this causes conflict throughout this novel. The boys have all gone through this unnecessarily tough point in their lives deciding whether or not certain situations are safe, and which are not so safe.
In almost every chapter of this novel, the boys struggle in their day to day lives.
Both betrayal and survival is two things that are not easy to avoid when trapped on an island with so many determined people who have different dreams and visions on life. Through the end, realizing the death of Piggy really turned people’s minds into realizing the situations that could happen that they would never expect. These problems are the ones that we go through day to day also.
You may not be one to hope for survival when it comes to yourself, but others
you love.. or even surviving a school quiz or exam. Survival can be mentally or physically surviving a problem in life or even at least experiencing this issue. When it comes to betrayal, I think anyone and everyone can come to a point in life where they felt betrayal, if it’s through your kids, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, friends, family or anyone close to you in life. Betrayal is probably the worst negative feeling you can feel towards someone but everyone goes through this at some point or another.
Basically, the Lord of the Flies and our lives are very much tied into these two
real life emotions. Though our lives might seem to be the end, you need to do what’s right and make sure to brush it off your shoulder because it’ll all get better. Rough things might happen throughout the way but you’ll learn that it was all worth it in the end and everything happens for a reason. That’s what the boys realized in the Lord of the Flies, as they got on the rescue craft and made their way back home.

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