Monday, 11 June 2012

4th Quarter by sheng

Lord of the Flies Quarter 4
Skeletal Plot:
-Ralph and Piggy are left alone (hunters made their own group)
-Jack is the leader of the other group and steels Piggy’s glasses to make a fire
-Ralph tried to regain control with the conch but failed
-Piggy tried to talk but Jack’s crew threw a boulder and Piggy died and the conch broke as well
-Ralph runs and the hunters follow him and tries to kill him
-Ralph runs into a Marine soldier and he’s safe and gets a boat ride home

The conflict is person VS person. Jack and Ralph make there own crew and the two crews battle it out and try to take out one another.
No change.

No change.
No change
Writers style
1.     Dialogue - “Is it safe? Aint there a cliff? I can hear the sea.” (Page 193)
  1. Imagery - “Eric made a detaining gesture.”(page 191)
  2. Similie - “and tie your hair a girl!”(page 191)
  3. Diction - “the multitudinous murmur.” (page 191)
  4. Idea - Savagery
-gone crazy

Personal Response
In this quarter was the ending and in every ending there is a spectacular surprize. I thought Ralph was going to die but then he was saved. I think this quarter was a very dramatic builder and a great end to the story.

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