Monday, 11 June 2012

Sara Klakurka's Quarter 4

Lord of the Flies
Quarter 4 – Chapters 10,11&12

1.Skeletal Plot:
  1. Ralph and Piggy met on the beach, bruised up and unable to comprehend Simons death
  2. Jack has all power, he hurts a guy named Wilfred
  3. The other boys are in danger to the tribe
  4. Jack orders his hunters to capture Sam and Eric and tie them up.
  5. After this long journey, Ralph passes out from exhaustion, when he awakes, a naval officer was standing in front of him explaining that they are finally saved.

I think that these last three chapters shows off the intensity of the novel, and has the most interesting and exciting conflicts throughout the whole book. Jack clearly has the most power and he makes sure to take advantage of that power. A lot of the main characters pass through these last three chapters which adds tension to the rest of the characters in the novel. Ralph is one of the main people in this book, and he was just a couple minutes away from an easy death. Luckily everything worked out after the officer showed up and the rest that were still alive were saved.

Through this entire book the boys are always on the island, or in the jungle. They aren't always with each other so a lot of the book the boys are spread out throughout the island but the novel never really shows the boys off the island but at the very end, it explains how the boys are rescued and left on a boat.

Jack & Jack's hunters
The Twins
The Marine
Piggy (died in Ch. 11)

4.Point of View:
Through almost the entire story the author has given this book an omniscient point of view because he wants to show that everyone has a different point of view and they aren't all necessarily right or wrong.

    5.Writers Style and Structure:
    Similes or Metaphors: “He had reason to be thankful that his dream was broken....” pg. 183
Visual or Imagery: “....lay on their left and tall grass swayed before them. Now Ralph went forward.” pg. 193

Unusual vocabulary or Diction: “incantation of hatred” , “delirious abandonment” pg. 200

Particular Idea: Savagery

Dialogue? Is it realistic?: Yes, “See? See? That's what you'll get! I meant that! There isn't a tribe for you any more! The conch is gone--” pg. 201

    Tough times

7.Personal Response:
This is the most interesting quarter of the novel for sure because it gives you lots of juicy information that the other quarters don't show off as well. I think that anyone can personally relate to this quarter going through tough times emotionally or physically. Many of the characters show their true colours and strong emotions because they are clearly sick and tired of being stuck on this island, at this point they will do anything to get off this island so when the naval officer finds them the sign of relief comes apon all the boys. Their lives are saved.

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