Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lord of the Flies- Journal Entries

Entry 1
I think it’s safe to say that today may have been one of the worst days of my life. What kind of normal 12 year old boy can say that their plane crashed near a deserted island and will now have to fight to survive? I can tell you that I now consider that reality. The moment the plane hit the ground the only thing that ran through my scattered mind was if I was ever going to see my family and friends again. At first I thought I was the only survivor, but I soon came to realize, once I searched the island, that there was at least one other boy. He was quite chubby and not very attractive to say the least. He was all wrapped up in what I presume was seaweed. I asked him what his name was, he told me it was Piggy. Well suited if I might say so myself. Together we more or less calmed each others nerves even though I still had so many unanswered questions. Will I survive? Will they find us? Will I be eaten by wild animals? I hope I’m found soon. Spending too much time on this island won’t only drive me crazy, but I will sooner or later die. Me and Piggy are both clearly confused as to where we are and what exactly is going to happen. We decided it might be a good idea to go search around for not only other people, but things that might help us survive for as long as possible. Things like food, maybe some shelter, things to keep us warm. The list could go on to make me feel at home, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen on this island. While we were looking around we came across some shallow water, I looked in and saw something glimmering in the sunlight. It seemed to be some sort of shell, a conch shell is what Piggy described it as, apparently very valuable. I wanted to take it with me, maybe even bring it all the way back home when we get rescued. I’ve never had something of great value. Piggy told me if you blow into it, it makes noise. Curiosity obviously got the best of me and I blew as hard as I could. To my great surprise, boys started appearing at the sound of the conch. I blew it a few more times, and even more boys started appearing! A terrible situation seemed to have had a turn of events and turned into a less terrible situation, not very ideal, but less terrible. Well I’m off to meet some of the boys and maybe share some survival ideas!

Entry 2
Well as a group we decided that it was probably best to have one person make all the important decisions for the group. With a big group of immature boys it’s not exactly the easiest task to come to a final agreement. That being said, the vote was between Jack, a very strong boy, me, the most logical boy, and Piggy, the shy yet logical one. Me being the most logical, I obviously won. The boys made the right decision. I know I have the maturity and logic to lead the group to survival and hopefully rescue. Personally I think Jack is much too aggressive to lead a group of boys. He would just condone barbarian behaviour and savagery, something that will not help us in the long run. Not long after I was voted the leader hysteria seemed to have broken out throughout the boys. Apparently there’s a beast on the island, says the little boys. I just don’t believe it! I searched the whole island, I didn’t see anything of the sort...well at least I hope I didn’t. Any rational person would know that beasts don’t exist. Obviously they’re not in their right minds, there can’t be a beast! Oh no...what if there is! No no no no! How would we even survive if there was a beast? This can’t be happening. Who’s gonna kill this beast? Jack I’m sure would get too scared. Why is this all happening to me?! I don’t understand!

Entry 3
Ok, so I figured out this whole beast situation. Some of the boys and I went to go search for this so called beast and came to find out that it’s just pigs who are roaming the island. Now that that’s dealt with its sort of nice to know that maybe if we were to hunt the pigs we would have food to eat. Hunting the pigs is a whole other story though. I certainly don’t know how to hunt but Jack apparently has experience. I guess we’ll have to see how that goes. Anyways, a lot of the boys had said they’d heard of people making signal fires or something like that. Basically just so that planes flying above can see the smoke and know that there’s people on the island who need rescuing. We tried starting a fire, not exactly the easiest task. One of the boys had said that using Piggy’s glasses and that sunlight would start a fire, who knew it would actually work! I had a lot higher hopes of being rescued. I told the boys that some of them needed to watch the fire to make sure it didn’t go out or ignite a bigger fire. They discussed that amongst themselves, they decided that some would watch the fire and some would get food. Whatever works for them, works for me! I had much more important things to worry about, that’s for sure. Little did I know that the boys would neglect the fire and let it go out! The boys got so obsessed with the hunting of the pigs and killing in general that they stopped watching the fire. Their behaviour is really starting to worry me. I hope their disgusting savage behaviour doesn’t get too crazy. That is not pushing us any closer to survival or rescuing. They’re simply being idiotic now.

Entry 4
I’m really starting to get worried. The boys are starting to split into little groups and turning into complete animals! It all started with their intrigued attitude towards hunting and killing and progressed from there. Jack and Roger have horrible intentions for the boys. They’re letting the best of this situation get to their heads, the fact that there are no parents or supervisors here to guide us in the right direction. Well actually, I wouldn’t call that the best part of this situation. It makes it so much harder! I thought I was smart enough to be able to do this, but really who am I kidding? I’m only 12! This is so much harder than I thought. Having my mom here to guide me along would make my life 20 times easier. Jack and Roger have turned the boys into complete savages, and when I say savages I’m talking painted faces, killing left right and center, those types of savages. They’ve persuaded so many boys to come to their side and hardly any of the boys are in touch with reality anymore. I get it, they’re hungry and tired, and probably scared. I don’t think they understand that the best and most efficient way to hopefully get rescued is to maintain order. No one will listen to me anymore! All I want to do is go home, even the thought of not being rescued makes me cringe. I miss my home, my family, and my friends. Living life without rules just isn’t as fun one would think, it’s out of control and I want this all to end.

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