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Life of Pi - 2nd Quarter

The Life of Pi 2nd Quarter

Your Name: Nick
Quarter #2, pages 89 - 178
Novel Name: the Life of Pi
Author’s last name: Martel

Skeletal Plot
- Overlooks on two Mr. Kumars, one a baker and the other a teacher, talking about going to the zoo.
- Pi meets up with the two at the zoo.
- All observe mice get eaten by vipers, and zoomorphism
- Pi’s family decides to set sail out of India to North America
- Pi’s family left Madras on the Panamanian-registered, Japanese cargo ship the Tsimtsum.

Person vs. Nature predominantly, Person vs. Society occasionally and Person vs. Self occasionally

Various places in India, then on the sea.

- Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel - main character, round.
- Mr. Kumar #1 - Baker, static
- Mr. Kumar #2 - Science teacher, dynamic.

Point of View
This story continues to be written in the 1st person view.

Notables on the writer’s style and structure
- Any similes or metaphors? Some
- Visual or other imagery? Some
- Is there unusual vocabulary? None yet found
- Is the novel structured with a particular idea? Yes.
- Is there dialogue & is it realistic? No.


Personal Response
As the book progresses, Pi and his family board the Tsimtsum. Bad idea as that ship ends up sinking like a stone in the Pacific Ocean, leaving Pi without his family.

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