Monday, 11 June 2012

Lord of the Flies Quarter: 4

Alayah Czernick
June 11th / 12
Lord of the Flies: Quarter 4
Skeletol Plot:
  1. Ralph and Piggy are now alone
  2. Jack rules all and beats the boys for no reason and they steal Piggy's glasses
  3. Ralph tries to gain his power back by blowing the conch but the boys just throw stones at him
  4. Piggy tries to explain the importance of rescue but gets a boulder dropped on him and dies while the conch shatters
  5. The two twins now join Jack's tribe
  6. Ralph is now alone and now the tribe is looking for him, so the island is set on fire
  7. On the beach there is a Marine and Ralph is safe; they take a boat back home

Conflict: The conflict in this quarter would be character vs character and even character vs society. Piggy and Ralph are their own alliance, and Jack has the tribe. These charachters don't get along, and killing is now not a big deal to them anymore. Ralph and Piggy are also hated my the tribe because of Jack's influence.

Setting: The boys are still on the island, or either in the jungle on the island. Though the boys are now scattered around the island. Although, at the end of the book the boys are rescued by a Marine and leave on a boat.

Jack and his Tribe
The Twins
The Marine

Point of View: Third person omniscient. Again, it tells the story from all point of views. The P.O.V is not looking into one head, but looking into all.

Writers Style:
  1. Similie - “and tie your hair a girl!”(page 191)
  2. Imagery - “Eric made a detaining gesture.”(page 191)
  3. Diction - “the multitudinous murmur.” (page 191)
  4. Idea - Savagery
  5. Dialogue - “Is it safe? Aint there a cliff? I can hear the sea.” (Page 193)

Desperate Help

Personal Response: In this quarter a lot happens and it's a very intresting quarter. Ralph feels very alone when Piggy dies, and I know how it feels to be alone. However, he made it through, and for someone to be alone on an island and see death twice, that person is amazingly brave and courageous. I know for a fact I would be traumatized for life if I saw that, and I would question the meaning of life.This book makes my brain really think, and makes me wonder if boys at that age could really do that. Or could I even be capable of doing that? If I was in that situaion, I would do what I needed to survive.

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