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quarter #4

Novel summary sheet – Quartering the text –
English 11 analysis

Your name: Daniel Hatenboer Quarter # pg 290-375
Novel name: Pandemonium
Author's last name: Oliver
1.Skeletal plot

    1. Using chapters titles “Then” and “now” to explain what happened in-between the two books using the chapters from “Then”, and showing us how she is now, after her experiences in the “Now”. It introduces characters from the “Then” and the “Now”, and shows you what is happening in the “now” by alternating every chapter or so.
    2. In the chapters from “Now” Lena and Julian get very close, but in the morning , their euphoria is interrupted by an ambush. They have been found by Julian's father, Thomas Fineman. Julian is captured and Lena is saved, unknowingly to her, she is taken to an invalid hideout. She decides she needs to break into the hospital and save Julian, before he get's his procedure. Before it's too late.
    3. In the chapters from “Then”, The Group finds a house after defeating the Scavengers that ambushed them (tack and hunter showed up with guns, saving everyone) Four invalids have made it their home, and they have kids. They let the group stay with them for awhile and give them food and shelter.
    4. “Now” Lena realizes that everything that has happened to her, being with Julian, the Scavengers attacking. It was all a test, planned mostly by the combined efforts of the Invalids (Raven and Tack) and Thomas Fineman (although they both had different goals and didn't work together, the entire thing was planned on both sides. She runs away to save Julian. Raven shows up at the last minute and helps out, they succeed in saving Julian. They get back to the Invalid hideout, Lena and Julian confess their Love for each other. At the last minute, Alex, Lena's lover who was supposed to be dead, whom she just convince herself that he was really dead, Steps out of the building, telling Julian not to believe that she really loves him.
    5. “Then” After the group leaves their temporary home, they set off towards the last check-point. They arrive at a bride, marking the final thirty miles to their new home.
  • Conflict or “tension” (Explain) - Person vs Community, Person vs Self and person vs person

In the chapters from “Then” Lena is now working with everyone, overcoming obstacles and understanding that everyone accepts her and she really is part of their family., and she no longer has to face her own “Community”

In the chapters from “Now” Lena is dealing with Person vs self, trying to understand why she feels how she does, and trying to get over Alex. She deals with person vs Person, after realizing that everyone she loves and is against, set up her entire life after she re-entered the Cured city. She has to try and save Julian from getting Cured. Everyone she knows, and everyone inside the city walls is against her in this.

  1. Setting

This quarter of the book takes place in two different places in the USA: The chapters for the “Now” take place in Brooklyn, while the chapters from “Then” take place in invalid areas that have not been cured, Mostly in the wilderness surrounding Brooklyn and in-between cured cities (Ie: invalid areas/free-zones/the Wilds. The Cured's have many different names for it as do the un-Cured's/Invalids/Scavengers.).

  1. Characters (know your character types and why this is important to your novel! Eg. Are they round/flat – why?/ static/dynamic – why?) How many characters do you meet in this quarter or do you find out more about their personalities?

Lena: Main character. Strong person, will do what she has to in order to survive, she regrets things that she has done in the past. At the beginning of the story she is “Born again” into the new Lena that you learn about. She always has the right answer for any question thrown her way. During her time with Julian,she starts to care for him and develop feelings. Protagonist-Dynamic character.

Alex: Lena was in love with Alex before they escaped. He died so she could get over the fence. Lena is trying to forget about him, but at the same time she uses her memory of him to survive and keep herself going. He returns at the end of the book, even though Lena saw him getting shot by thousands of guards, and thought him dead. He has been in a prison cell block for intense criminals. He escaped when the bomb went off, destroying half the building. Round character.

Raven: Most of the time a bossy, strict person, but underneath her steel armour she cares for everyone at the base-camp because they're all family. Acts like everyone's mother and has an “I know what's best for them.” Recognizable by her long, black hair that is almost always in a braid down her back. Round character.

Blue: about 6 or seven years old. Thin (as is everyone out in the wilds/free-zones/invalid areas. They have to gather their own food and resources and dispense it among themselves, so most everyone is thin) hair is dirty-blond, and like Raven's hair it is long, almost to her waist. So far a flat character. Blue dies, leaving Raven as an empty shell for awhile, and Lena feels it's her fault, partly because Blue reminds Lena of Grace, whom she left behind when she escaped the city.

Sarah: A very cheerful, nice girl. Helps Lena out when she is weak and new at the base camp. One of the few people who is nice to Lena from the beginning Static character.

Hunter: Blond and tall. The nicest person in the Home-base. Everyone loves him and he's everyone's friends. Also one of the few people who is nice to Lena right off the bat. Static character

Bram: He and Hunter are always together. Seemingly an effort relationship on their part, everyone loves the both of them and cares for them. In the city of the cured, the relationship between Bram and Hunter would have stapled them as “Unnaturals” and they would have been discouraged, and separated. In the Cured city's, Unnaturals are separated and forced to have the procedure done as soon as possible, so they can “forget” anything they ever had and live the normal life planned out for them. Static character.

Tack: Everyone says he has a bad attitude, but in Sarah's eyes he's a very nice person. Flat character

Thomas Fineman: The creator and head of the DFA, set on making everyone Cured. His son is Julian Fineman. Static character.

Julian Fineman: The son of Thomas Fineman. Poster child of the DFA, Standing for everything they need and want. He and Lena are learning to deal with each other, and start developing feelings. Dynamic character.

Coin: A deliria-born woman who was shunned and thrown in the sewers. Her and Rat man, a friend, saved Julian and Lena from the Scavengers from certain death. Static

Rat man: A deliria born Man who helped save Lena and Julian from the scavengers. Static

4. P.O.V ~ First person
Why do you think the writer chose this point of view to develop plot characters or themes?

I think Lauren wrote this story in first person so you could get more in-depth views of Lena's character, while getting to see how others around her react to what she does, and how she views them as a person. You follow her and get to know how she's feeling and every experience she has you have with her. The way she writes makes it feel like you're right there with her, experiencing everything she is and getting to see for yourself how she deals with situations and how others do

  1. Notable's on writers style and structure!

[] Are there similes or metaphors?
Yes, there are a lot of metaphors. Not quite as many similes, but they are still there

[] Visual or other imagery?
A lot of visual imagery, you know exactly what your surroundings are and can picture them perfectly. Pg 362:
Just then, there is a disturbance from below. It ripples though the room at once, Julian looks up sharply; the doctor steps away from him and replaces the syringe on the metal tray one of the lab techs carries. Thomas Fineman leans over, frowning, and whispers something to a bodyguard, as another lab tech bursts into the room. I can't make out what she's saying – I can tell it's a she, even though she's wearing a paper mask and a bulky, too-big lab coat, because of the braid swinging down her back – but she is gesturing agitatedly.
Something is wrong.

[] Is there unusual vocabulary or diction? Record a quote:
Lauren's does use unusual vocabulary and diction. Pg 363:
There is a single explosion, a cracking noise, and Thomas Fineman's mouth falls open and he teeters backward and slumps to the ground as red petals of blood bloom outward across the front of his shirt.
For a moment, everything seems to freeze; Thomas Fineman, splayed on the ground like a rag doll; Julian on the table, white faced on the tables; the journalist with the camera still raised to his eye; the priest in the corner; the regulators next to Julian, weapons still strapped to their belts; Raven holding a gun.
The lab tech, the real one, screams.
And everything is chaos.

[] Is the novel structured with a particular theme? Record a quote or explain:
The theme of the book is proving that what you have is never wrong, and how you are born is how you should live. You shouldn't have to remove things to be perfect, you already are. When you remove things and change things about yourself, parts of you change and die with the things that are removed. You become a completely different person, nothing like who you were before.

[] Is there dialogue and is it realistic?
Yes there is dialogue, it is more realistic in the chapters from “Then” than the chapters from “Now” because people from “Now” have been cured and are always calm, collected and always know what to say, while the people from “Then” are normal, unchanged and have more Human and emotional reactions to things. In the third quarter, they encounter the people who live in the sewers, those shunned by society, who help them, regardless of whether they're cured or not. It doesn't matter to them, they saw someone in need, so they intervened and saved them..

  1. Themes: Record words and topics related to the themes contained and developed in your novel
  • Love, the deadliest of all things. It kills you, both when you have it, and when you don't.

Personal response to this quarter: What you thought or felt, related to, did not relate to; How universal is the experience that your protagonist goes through?

In the last Part of the book, Lena's world is turned upside-down. Alex is no longer “Dead.” everyone around her knew exactly what was going on and wouldn't even help her. Lots of people feel like this every day, they feel like they're being left out of some event and everyone knows about it but them. They feel like no one cares about them anymore, and then when they learn the truth about something, their entire world is flipped on them and they have no time to react.

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