Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Narrative Essay

Alayah Czernick
June 11th / 12
Narrative Essay
A New Look on Life
It's amazing to think that a simple thing can change your perspective on life, such as; school, freinds, movies, books etc. Although, for me a book changes my perspective. This book is called “Lord of the Flies”. This novel made an imprint on myself by realizing that life is very valuable, however people will do whatever to keep the value of life.

This novel has a very realistic story line and the characters match perfectly. While reading this book I didn't know what to expect, I thought that they were stranded on the island and then were going to be saved very soon, this did not occur. The theme of this book I would say would be savagery and power. The human mind always wants to be incontrol, and in this novel that is what the boys desired. On the savagery side, because of the the power that one has gained, they get to make all the rules, therefore they will hunt according to the one who carries the power. I know this because the boys are stranded on an island and they were obviously hungry. One of the characters Jack, gained the power later on in the book, he wanted to hunt pigs and eat. The mentality that he had seemed like a characteristic of savagery. Like Jack, I would do whatever to eat and stay alive. Being stranded on an island would put me in survival mode. Reading this novel, I imagined myself with the boys. Everytime I put the book down I realized that life is too valuble to take for granted.

Knowing that the theme of the novel is power, I questioned myself and wondered if the theme of life is power. I thought about the President of the United States and the Primeminister, and even the Queen. I came to the conclusion that the world is based on power or the most powerful person, however life isn't. In Lord of the Flies a vote was made on who was going to be in charge, like a civilized community, though because of immaturity power did not stay in one persons hand. If I feel that someone is not making the right choices, I refuse to follow them and I'll go off on my own, like Jack, especially while being stranded on an island with little to no food.

Near the end of the novel, it started to get more intence. Main chacracters died at the end, and reality set in. I felt bad for the death of the characters and wondered how boys, at that age could do such things, like murder. When I watched the movie, I again imagined I was in the movie. I thought to myself and wondered if I could murder or would I murder someone because of my situation, like being stranded on an island. If I was on that island for so long I could have went mad and would have no problem killing a friend of mine. Am I capable? Like I said previously I would do whatever I needed to to stay alive.

This novel mad an impact on me. When reading this novel, I was going through situations that were hard to cope with. I thought that life was usless and I didn't care for it anymore. Though, after reading this book I realized that there are worse things in this world than what I was going through. Worse things like ; poverty, and hunger. My problem was so little to what the problems were in this novel. Lord of the Flies made me realize that there are so many things you should be thankful for in life, becuase on day you could end up on an island. This novel opened my eyes on life, and gave me a new look on life. Everytime I think my life is too hard to live, I'll think about this book and then I will see that I am as lucky as a winning lottery ticket to have the life I live. If you were to ask me to take life for granted, I would respond with “Never.”

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  1. Thoughtful words- I had to stop and think about your message.
    Thank you.