Wednesday, 20 June 2012

City of Lost Souls quote response

The quote "Oh the horror... the horror" ties into the novel City of Lost Souls very well. In the City of Lost souls the world has two parts. The part that we can see and understand and the part that hides the demons and evil that we cannot understand. In the novel Clary and her friends are shadowhunters, they protect the humans from the evil that lives in our world. In the book Clary's boyfriend, Jace, is taken and possessed by her evil, half demon brother, Sebastian. Throughout the book Clary has to live with the fear that Sebastian causes her so she can save Jace. Sebastian only wants one thing and that is to eliminate the humans. He was taught by his father to be violent, “I learned to play the instruments of war. And paint in blood. I am not like Jace.”. He manipulates Jace throughout the whole book and leads him into deadly situations. He wants to control the world and let evil overtake it. The book is filled with horror and pain and I think it goes very well with the quote.

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