Tuesday, 12 June 2012

another quarter


Skeletal Plot
  • Chiyo met the chairman who gave her his handkerchief and a coin to buy shave iced. This made chiyo decide she wanted to become a geisha.
  • Granny died and everyone gathered for her funeral. Even the geisha, Mameha, which Chiyo was blamed for ruining her kimono months before.
  • Mameha came by a few weeks later and told Mother that she wanted Chiyo to make her into an apprentice geisha. They made a deal and Chiyo would be Mameha's apprentice and Pumpkin would be Hatsumomo's apprentice.
  • Hatsumomo forbid Pumpkin to talk to Chiyo. Chiyo told Mameha this and they decided that Chiyo would need to be a better geisha than Hatsumomo, get a rich/successful boyfriend and study dance and music.
  • Chiyo is taken out to her first viewing as a geisha and performs for a crowd. Her and Mameha are now 'sisters'
  • Chiyo sees the chairman again and confesses that she has been in love with him for years.

Chiyo now lives with Mameha and is now treated more like a lady than a slave. They still live in the same village as Mother and Hatsumomo.

We meet and get to know Mameha is this quarter. She is a round character. We find out about her life and she knows that Hatsumomo is bad.

P of V
First person. She chose first person because she is telling her own story to relate her emotions and feelings in the harder situations.

Writer's style
The writer writes Chiyo's story as a young girl and then they write about a more recent memories.

Realistic Dialogue : “She'll do anything to make Pumpkin look good. And you know why, don't you?”
Imagery: “..magnificent lionesses feasting at the kill,”
Unusual Vocab : “I was forced instead to sit in the okiya practising dance and shamisen...”

A theme in this quarter of the text is trying to get Chiyo to have confidence in herself that she is capable of becoming one of the greatest geisha's. That she can beat Hatsumomo and Pumpkin.

Personal Response
I thought this quarter of the text was neat. It showed the competitve side of the geisha world and what the Geisha's are really thinking and what some of their tricks are. They come across so innocent and this quarter proved they are not as sweet and gentle as they may seem.

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