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Lord of the Flies Quarter 3

Lord of the Flies Quarter 3

Author: William Golding

Skeletal plot

  The boys became more and more undisciplined. Everything is out of Ralph 's control and he started to worry about the boys. Simon encouraged him and they believed that they could get out of the isolated island .

  Ralph, Roger and Jack went to the mountain to figure if there is a monster here, Jack went to the summit first and returned to tell the boys that he saw a monster.

  Jack left because he thought Ralph was a too coward to lead the boys, more and more boys left to Jack 's group to get his protection . 

  Jack got a pig and it appealed those hungry boys to come to him ,the hungry boys stole the fire from Ralph to get the permission to eat the pig. Simon found the dead pig and he had the ominous feeling about what was going on and then he passed away.

  Simon went to see the monster and returned to the boys tribe.The boys killed him because Simon is full of dirts and recognized as the well-known monster.


On one hand , Jack is trying to show his savage power and draw the boys to his side. On another hand , he is trying to show his brilliant of hunting, leadership, to compete with Ralph.

Setting:It still happens on an isolated island with a group of boys.

Characters: Everyone is stay dynamic except Piggy.
Jack: He is becoming more and more aggressive and jealous.
Ralph: he is becoming more desperate because he thinks it is hopeless for the boys to get rescued.
Simon, as the victim of disclosing the savage desire of the boys. He is a shy, sensitive boy behaves kindly and helps the group of boys.He is represented as the truth , he is always trying to dig the truth of the monster, the savage desire of the boys,.

POV: The 3rd person.
Audiences could see what is going on under Ralph's control and get the story authentically from the author.

Style& Structure

Ralph squirted again and missed.He laughed at Piggy, Expecting him to retire meekly as usual and in painted silence.

'That 's where they 've gone.Jack ;s party.'
'Let them go,'said Ralph,uneasily, I don;t care.''


Jealousy:Jack is jealous about what Ralph has, Ralph's credit in boys, Ralph's leader power, Ralph's followers, All the factors grow in Jack 's deep mind and it turns him to be jealous,

Desire:Before the boys hunt the pig , they were immersed by the frenzy of killing.After they hunted the pig , they sang and danced for the savage plunder. Even when they met Simon, they recognize him as the monster for filling the desire of killing ,Simon was dead as the victim of their desire.

Hopeless: As time goes by ,Ralph is deeply believed that the boys can not be rescued.

Personal response:  Innocent truth was killed by hided desires.

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