Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Thrid quarter by sheng

Third Quarter

1 Skeletal plot
-parachute lands on the island, the guy was dead
-the twins travel to the mountains and see a monster
-they went to hunt for the monster
-Jack turns on Ralph and tries to start his own group

2 Setting
no change

3 Characters
no change

no change - 3rd person again.

5 Notables on the writer’s style and structures
no change

6 Themes
-power, jack is on a craze to become leader, he wants power
-order, Ralph try's to keep order and makes rules and tells people what to do
-stranded, there stranded on a island which could be a good theme

Personal Response*
This quarter was quite exciting in a way. The leader is now Jack and Ralph. Jack is trying to start his own group only for hunters which intern leaves one group with out Piggy, Piggy is needed to start fires with his glasses.

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