Wednesday, 20 June 2012

creative essay

Change of the end of the story essay.

Lord of the flies

In the story lord of the flies Ralph ends up getting hunted by all of the other children on the island. The group is ran by Jack their leader who wants to kill Ralph. Jack has already killed piggy and has no problem with killing Ralph. The Tribe burns the hole island on fire while hunting for the beast and Ralph and a nearby Navy boat sees it and comes over and saves Ralph, unfortuantely the other children do not get saved.

Ralph and piggy get the conch and convince the children to come onto their side, the kids dont know what to do due to Jacks command and beleive if they go with Jack he will protect them and he has more of the power. Ralph and piggy somehow convince a few of them to come to their side. Ralph knows that Jack and his tribe are planning an attack so the boys go out and find and build weapons and sheltors. the night dawns and the island is quiet eveyone is waiting to see what happens. the boys take turns sleeping and gaurding throughtout the night, but nothing happens. The sun slowly comes up the next morning and on the beach is a canoe. No body has any idea where the canoe came from but are interesting to find out so they head over. 

A few hours later the boys still dont know where this canoe has come from so they adventure on around the island not thinking about the risk they are taking. As they come aeound the corner there is Jack tribe waiting to fight, Jack anouces that he wants to take on Ralph on a one on one so Ralph agrees. The two go at it and both are getting extremely hurt. With one punch to the face frm Jack he knocks Ralph onto his Back and drives a sharpen fishing rod into hes stomuch. There is not much Ralphs tribe can do to help him so Ralph bleeds to death and dies. Ralphs tribe goes over to Jack and accepts him as his leader, Jack does not like Piggy so he ties him to the tree and leaves him there to die slowely. A few days later the boys head down to the beach.

They see a fishing boat in the distance and try and get its attention but the fishing boat does not notice. so Jack makes a torch out of dried tree branches and waves it around. Eventually the fishing boat sees them and comes over. Its six older men and they get off the boat and get everyone on board. They take them to the land and the boys get to see their families again and live the rest if their lives.

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