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Soundtrack assignment

Soundtrack assignment

#1- Ride of the Valkyries

The “Ride of the Valkyries is an orchestral work written and composed by Richard Wagner. He wrote the theme in year 1851. In year 1854-1856 it get connected with th opera “The Valkyrie”. The Ride of the Valkyries is an often used theme to make more pressure in games same like in series or movies. My first impression was, that it is a typical instrumental work, but it has a heroic theme. The theme pulls through the whole soundtrack. In the background violins and other wooden instruments care for a exciting atmosphere while metal instruments interrupt it with a strong sound. Flutes are included, too. They sounded if something would fly. All instruments together makes the heroic part. The sound doesn't change the whole time. For me this soundtrack is special and shouldn't be heard so often, because after a while it begins to bother you. It is not an every-day soundtrack. I heard the version for the movie “Heart of Darkness”, which is shorter than the original. It is five minutes long.

#2- Satisfaction

Satisfaction” is a single composed by the band members of the “Rolling Stones” Mick Jagger and Keith Richard.
The song was recorded in may 1965.Later in June the single was released.
The single is part of by the “Rolling Stones” made album “Out of Our Heads”.
The single can be ordered in the Genre Rock and roll, garage rock and hard rock. It is more than three minutes long. My first impression is that this song is a typical rock song. The whole time the song sounds happy. They sing ,that they can not get a satisfaction, because they try. They sing, that one is driving a car, with a man in the radio, who says useless information. On the travel around the world he meets girls, who don”t want to let him go, but he continues going his way. So the main topic is to have a relaxed life, the car in the song, with a few adventures, the girls on the travel. In the song a saxophone and drums are included. They voice of the singers is a little bit yelling, but it sounds relaxed. The song makes a happy atmosphere and has no changes in the sound. The parts of the song, where the word satisfaction is in, the sound of the singer is lightly compared to the rest of the song. The rhythm is fast, but not fast enough to cast hectic. The instruments are very good in the contrast of the song. It is not like from the “Doors” composed song “The End “ , that irony is a part of the song. For me the song was great and relaxing. Normally I don't hear music like this. But it will be a very good song for rock fans and other people, which hear rock. My normal genres, which I am hearing is game music, music out of games, soundtracks, most out of Japanese series I am watching. It was a good theme and in the right contrast, but I know, that I won't change my traditions and won't repeat the soundtrack.

#3- The end

The End” is a song composed by the band “The Doors”.
The single was recorded 1966 and was released at the beginning of the next year.
It is the last single of the after the band same named album “The Doors”. The single can be ordered in the Genre Psychedelic rock. It is more than eleven minutes long, but the version I heard was the Soundtrack for the movie “Apocalypse Now”. My first impression of the song is that it is a chilly song with a typical sound of rock. The song is about the end and has a few special phrases, which are similar to the happening in the novel “Heart of Darkness”. It can be shared in three different parts: The first where you hear the helicopter, the second where the music is very relaxing and the third where everything is like in a chaos. The song is about the life in the wilderness, where after a while everything become a chaos like at the end. In the song are a lot of instrumentalities used. So you hear at the beginning a helicopter, that make you think, that a total different song will be presented. After a while you hear travel sound with a relaxing voice. The song disappears lightly in the background. You hear more sounds from the wilderness with a zoom like a mosquito, which makes everything more hectic. Then after a while the song appears, but it is more hectic and the voice sounds like a not loudly roar. All in all the song is ironic, because the elements don’t fit with the lyrics. They don’t mean the same. But if you look at the differences between the parts then you realize, that everything become a chaos and an end. The song is ironic used at the beginning of the movie “Apocalypse Now”. For me the song is very interesting and should maybe be a part of my soundtracks, which I hear when I want to relax. Normally music like this is not my fault, but I can imagine, that a lot people liked it, when it was released and published. Rock fans should find hear a new part for their collection.

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