Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Novel Quarter 2
by David Lowe
Novel: Lord of the flies
By William Golding

Skeletal Plot:
1.They tried to make huts, after 1st most scattered, 2nd more scattered, 3rd had two working on it
2.A ship came by the island, the island's smoke fire was out
3.they caught a pig, Ralph yelled at Jack for leaving the fire unattended.
4.A meeting was called, issues were brought up, addressed the young uns nightmares
5.the twins see a “Flying beast” in search to find it Ralph and the hunters cross the island search.

Although there is still conflict with the environment the largest emphasis of conflict is the conflicts within the group.

Setting: The setting is the same as the last quarter, a island with no inhabitants except the stranded people on it, a fair number of pigs, and lots of jungle.


Ralph, in contrast to the last quarter, is arguing more with Jack, and because he was elected chief he tends to think that he is always in the right, and they should following him without doubt.

Piggy, is being more bullied then before, tries to speak up more and hides behind Ralph when there is trouble.

Jack, is obsessed with hunting, thinks meat is all that matters, and because he was the leader of the choir, now the hunters, has many people under his influence.

Simon, becoming more present in this quarter, tends to be a level headed person, who wants to get home and seems good willed in nature. Simon seems to be on the side of Ralph and piggy.


Like last quarter, it is done in 3rd person, limited omniscient.

Notable Writing styles:

Like last quarter the writer still uses metaphors, though very few in this quarter.
The writer uses imagery like, “revealing pink tables of granite, strange griwths of coral, polyp, and weed.”
The Vocabulary used can be a tad large, and tends to show signs of good education.
The novel is still based around the idea that they need to survive untill they are rescued, now it just has the fear of beasts on the island.
The dialogue, like before is seems sort of hit and miss in comparison to today's modern speak patterns.

coming of age


The second quarter has more of separation feel to it, between the people in the story, but not between this story and any other survival story out there. The book doesn't make the person want more, and is less griping the Romeo and Juliet. The experience that the protagonist goes through is still as generic as any other survival story protagonist.

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