Monday, 11 June 2012

bonus assignment - song analyze

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

            This song has a strong relation to some of the themes and scenes in the novel, “Life of Pi,” by Yann Martel. The overall theme of the song is one man picking up his life again and surviving, an example being, “Just a man and his will to survive.” This is also a huge theme in the novel; the main character is surviving 227 days in a small life boat with a Bengal tiger. Another similar theme they share is how hunger. The singer says he’s “hanging tough, staying hungry.” Through out the entire novel Pi is hungry; he’s hungry for more religion, for more life, he’s always seeking for something more. When Pi is face with numerous challenges he always faces them head on, much like the quote from the song “rising up to the challenge of our rival.” Both the song and the novel have similar themes revolving around survival.

I Get Lonely Too by Drake

            Lonesomeness is a major theme in the novel, “Life of Pi,” by Yann Martel. It is also the main theme in the song, “I get lonely too,” by Drake. Drake talks about how he isn’t as strong as he seems and he does get lonely. As do we see Pi break down from being an innocent young boy always having hope to finally thinking it’s the end for him. But on the contrary we do see him reach for help more from God. Drake also is begging for help, he says, “Take me, to another place.” This could be a metaphor for needing an escape and needing to be rescued in the same manner Pi needs to be saved.  Pi is not entirely lonely though, he is with his new comrade Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger. They are in the middle of no where with no one but each other. Drake mentions being alone with someone he loves, “just you and me with no rules,” which is a lot like Pi and Richard Parker. The song shares several themes that the novel also has, mostly reflecting being alone.

Faithful by Pearl Jam

            The main theme of the novel, “Life of Pi,” by Yann Martel was religion. The main character Pi finds a love for religion at a fairly young age. He believes very strongly that God is always listening to him. In the same way that Pearl Jam mentions God always listening in the song “Faithful,” he says, “the man upstairs is used to all of the noise.” Another common theme is as simple as believing in God, when Pearl Jam says, “We're faithful, we all believe.” Pi learns to pray in many different ways but always to the same God in his mind. Pearl jam mentions praying to the main upstairs and saying things such as “you are everything” as if God means everything to him in the same way God means everything to Pi.

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