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Your name: Jessie Quarter #: 4 pg. 423-565
Novel Name: Identical
Author's Last Name: Hopkins
1.Skeletal plot (point form only- keep it short but insightful)
a) Learn that mother knew a little bit that Kaeleigh was being raped by her dad because when she was younger she told her mom she hurt and when her mother asked where she told her “where daddy touched me.” And she just ignored it.
b) Raeanne goes off the deep end after Kaeleigh recovers and goes at it with Ty again.
c) Ian finds Raeanne with Ty and flips out, jogging her back into the reality she's actually Kaeleigh and Raeanne died.
d) Kaeleigh gets admitted into the hospital where she's treated for drug addiction and gets psychotherapy, doesn't want to tell anyone about her father still but doesn't want to go home.
e) Grandmother comes and apologizes to Kaeleigh, she ran away when she saw what Ray was doing to Kaeleigh.
[] Conflict or “tension” eg person vs person, or (internal) person vs self; Is this important to the novel's theme or purpose? Please explain.
Almost everything get's resolved, Kaeleigh still has to fight Raeanne but has been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  1. SETTING (When and where does various parts of your novel take place- how are these places important to the character or the theme of your work?):
It's set at the twins' house as well as school, and Ty's house. Ty's house in particular is important because it's at his house where Kaeleigh is thrown into the reality of her sister being dead.

  1. CHARACTERS (Know your character types and why this is important to your novel! Eg Are they round/flat- why? Static/dynamic- why? How many characters do you meet in this quarter or do you find more about their personalities?)
Kaeleigh: Trying to move on with her life, past her addictions, past her father and the abuse, past all the hardships she's had to overcome. Still cuts when she thinks about her past. When she cuts or purges she doesn't feel like herself, she still feels like Raeanne sometimes but doesn't usually get lost in it and can still differentiate herself from Raeanne. (Dynamic)
Raeanne: will always be there, watching out for Kaeleigh, and when the time is necessary she'll take over for her. Walk for her, Talk for her. She'll always be the strongest part of Kaeleigh. (Dynamic)
Mother: Still running away from Kaeleigh but still comes to visit Kaeleigh every once in a while although she's afraid because she doesn't always know who she's talking to – Raeanne or Kaeleigh? (Flat)
Father: Checked himself into rehab, mostly to avoid going to prison or having Kaeleigh decide to send him there.
Hanna: Next door neighbour (Flat)
Madison: N/A
Mick: N/A
Ian: Still doesn't know about Kaeleigh's relationship with her dad, but knows all about her D.I.D and has sworn himself to secrecy.
Greta: Is Kaeleigh's angel, the only one who understands the depth of Kaeleigh's dad's deceptions, due to her own past which was very similar to Kaleigh's present.
Grandmother: Has taken Kaeleigh into her home and takes care of her. Is very kind and understanding. Sobered up just to help save Kaeleigh. (Round)
Grandfather: Has recently become friends again with his wife and helps Kaeleigh (Flat)
Brittany: N/A
Ian's Brother: N/A


[]Why do you think the writer chose this POV to develop plot character or themes?
So that there's a big twist in the end and you don't ever really know what's happened or going to happen.


    []Are there similes or metaphors? Record a quote for this quarter.
He's solid.
“You're fractured”
He's hopeful.
“You're hopeless.”
He's always there.
You're half there.”
pg 545
[]Visual or other imagery? Record a quote:
I can't hear her response, but
Daddy's posture goes from
wood to pulp. It's like he
shrunk sizes. Shrunk years.
Pg 444 (Raeanne)

[]Is there unusual vocabulary or diction? Record a quote:
What Do I Have to Live For?
Can't think of a single thing.
Mom? A long-distance mother
focused completely on herself.
Friends? Not a single one I've
allowed myself to get close to.
School? Can't stomach the thought
of seeing Old Man Lawler again.
Drama? Oh well, that's what
understudies are for, right?
Boyfriend? Don't make me
laugh. I'd much rather cry.
Hey you can't really blame him”
pg 544 (talking to herself)

[]Is the novel structured with a particular idea? Record a quote or explain:
Kaeleigh Raeanne
When I Do Those Things
And I'll Be Watching
When I use or purge or cut, Watching her, watching out
I'm still not myself. Maybe for her. And if the time comes
I just use her as an excuse she needs complete escape,
she I
takes over then. The only will walk for her. Talk for her.
difference is, I'm aware Take punishment in her place.
of her. I never used to be. Some things don't need to be
I'm not sure if I remembered. And I
will will
remember everything I did hold onto those things for her.
as Raeanne. I'm not sure Carol believes she can make
I want to, though Carol thinks me go away, and I'll pretend
I need to try. And hey, I could to let her do her job. But I will
always always
blame Daddy. He's my forever be the strongest part of Kaeleigh
scapegoat, really. Okay, that's not so I can't let her dispose of me
so healthy. But totally healthy I'll stay quiet, no more than a dark
is something I might not ever shadow inside. That's what I'll
be be
One thing for sure. I will break A silhouette, rarely seen, and yet
the abuse cycle. It stops with me. believed in. Kaeleigh wants to
My children will no live in fear. believe in me. I am her twin,
I will create a home of nurture forever alive inside her. And
and love, and raise them safely when she needs me, I am always
there. there.
pg. 564-565

[]Is there dialogue & is it realistic? Record a quote:
Hey. How are you feeling?
I think it can't be, but when
I turn my head, it's Ian's face
I see. The tears start up again
immediately. “Better now.”
I should have come sooner, but. . .
He stands, comes over, sits
on the bed, gently brushes
the moisture from my cheeks.
It's okay.” Hes here now.
No. I should have been here for you.
He opens his arms and I drop
into their circle. “Oh God,
Ian, I'm so sorry. I don't know
what to tell you, where to begin. . .”
Don't. Not now.
Pg 547

  1. THEMES: Record words and topics related to themes contained and developed in your novel:
      *Kaeleigh: strength, she needs strength to stand on her own
      without Raeanne.
      *Raeanne: control, she needs to let go of Kaeleigh and let her
      live her own life.
      *Father: also needs control, to get himself through rehab.
      *Mother: afraid, she's afraid of dealing with what she knows,
      she knows about what's happening and that she's losing her
      family but won't deal with it.

Personal Response to this quarter: what you thought or felt, related to, did not relate to; how universal is the experience that your protagonist goes though?
I didn't really feel all that connected to Kaeleigh or Raeanne this quarter because it just gets so wild and a little unbelievable. I still find myself drawn to them but I can no longer put myself into Raeanne's shoes because I still don't agree at all with what she is doing and I've actually started to hate her even though some f the reasons that she has to staying with Kaeleigh are good, but she's still ruining Kaeleigh's life and that upsets me. She seems to have knowledge of ruining Kaeleigh's life but doesn't really want to view it that way.

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