Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sara's Quarter #3

Lord of the Flies
Quarter 3 – Chapters 7,8&9

1.Skeletal Plot:
  1. The boys stop to eat as they travel toward the mountain.
  2. Has contact with the boar but than the boar escapes
  3. The next day the monster roars up a big scare in the boys minds
  4. They basically stay throughout the beach
  5. Piggy and Ralph go to the feast and the boys are caught up in a frenzy

There is a little more conflict in this quarter of the novel over the first two quarters, especially when dealing with Ralph and Jack. They both believe that they are the most powerful people in the group, but really they are just as equal. They both seem to argue about who is a greater leader and chief.

Still, through this quarter the boys are on island, beach area or the jungle. There isn't really anywhere the boys can go considering the boys are stranded. They do spread out throughout the island, but either way they are all still stuck on the beach.

Jack & Jacks hunters

4.Point of View:
Through almost the entire story the author has given this book an omniscient point of view because he wants to show that everyone has a different point of view and they aren't all necessarily right or wrong.

5.Writers Style and Structure:
    Similes or Metaphors: “In front of them only three or four yards away, was a rock-like hump where no rock should be” pg. 135
Visual or Imagery: “Jack brought up the rear, displaced and brooding.” pg. 130

Unusual vocabulary or Diction: “...derisive incomprehension.” pg 141

Particular Idea: Power is the particular idea on this quarter of the novel

Dialogue? Is it realistic?: “So we can't have a signal fire.... We're beaten.” pg 137


7.Personal Response:
I think that everyone can relate to loosing and gaining power if it has to do with school, friends or family, etc. But personally I cannot see any other relations with me and any of the characters in this book throughout the majority of this novel. This quarter is definitely has more depth than the other quarters; this is when everything starts to get a little more interesting.

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