Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bonus Assignment

Bonus Character Sketch- Ralph
           The whole novel "Lord of The Flies" is base around the idea of civilization versus savagery, and throughout the novel he is portrayed as the civilization side of the battle. His character did not really change throughout the book so this character sketch will mostly be examples of how he represented civilization and order.
           Ralph was the one to blow the conch and rally everyone together and organize everyone into classes for who does what jobs. He could think all this through and make some sort of civilization and he just a twelve year old kid, who just got in a plane crash and is now trapped on an island. But Jack (The representation of savagery in the novel) dislikes that Ralph is the leader and eventually turns some children against Ralph where if the children follow Jack there is no chance of escape because he has no sense of the outside world(civilization) and only concentrates on killing and eating pig. The fact all Jack cared about was killing pig was ironic because they end up killing Piggy. So depicting Jack's leadership with such savagery just increases our feeling of how wise and "civilized" Ralph was and if they had just listened to him everything would have went quite a bit more smoothly for the lot of them.

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