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Lord of the Flies Quarter 2

Lord of the Flies Quarter 2

Author: William Golding

Skeletal plot

Jack was sent to keep the signal fire going but he was focusing on catching a pig.He did not notice that he missed a ship to get rescued and that made Ralph upset and mad.

Jack encouraged the boys to hunt the pig than blame him from what done is done.Piggy tried to tell them their immaturity but slapped by Jack.

The boys were getting more and more out of Ralph's control, they were getting more and more afraid of the well-known monster.Ralph declaimed there was no monster and Jack incited the boys that they could kill it.

The twins are demanded to awake to keep the fire in night but they missed the help from an airplane,when they waked, they recognized the parachutist as the monster and turned back to tell the boys.

The boys started to explore the mountain where the monster fell, but the boys lost their patience and they played games during the exploring. They grudging obey what Ralph said until Ralph was furious.

The most important part is that Jack let the fire go out. There was a ship coming from the sea and saving them, but the ship didn’t see them because the only signal on the island was the fire and it went out. It was pity and a shame for the boys. It is the fatal factor for them to get rescued but they just lose it. From this part, Ralph is furious at Jack about his dereliction of duty and Jack is turning mad at Ralph too, but Jack slapped Piggy for accusing his immaturity.

Simon : He was not a particular boy but a obedient hunter who goes with Jack.
Eric and Sam: They were obedient twins who were supposed to watch the fire, but they fell asleep and the fire went out.They did not do it on purpose but what they did was a signal for splitting Ralph and Jack.

   Roger and Maurice:They were starting to be bullies.They teased the youngest boy and ignored the rules.

   Piggy:He was still a coward boy but he was starting to show his value. He told the boys about the real situation they have and his lens from his glasses are used for lighting up the fire.Jack is gradually being accepted by boys until he started to blame Jack and slapped by Jack.

Jack:The most important protagonist in this part, he is starting to show his savage and bad temper. Piggy is being his tool to let his savagery and bad temper spill.

Point of view

The character chose third person and told us the story so that he showed his view fairly. He described these characters by telling the story. It did not show which character he liked which not.

style/ structure

Sixty feet above Roger, a cluster of nuts, fibrous lump as big as rugby balls, were loosed from their stems.

“I wanted to go to a place a place I know”
“What place ?”
“Just a place I know .A place is in jungle.”

Personal Response
The atmosphere of monster is not removed from the heads of boys except Ralph.They are concerning about the monster or creepy things more and more and it shows neither their minds are not strong enough. In this way, the boys are becoming out of Ralph's control. The best part is after the boys missed the ship from sea, Ralph was furious about the dereliction of Jack and Jack started to hate Ralph. The connection of them is becoming strange and subtle.I am looking forward to seeing what is going on between them and how they continue the relationship in next part.

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