Thursday, 14 June 2012

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Lord of the Flies Movie Review

In the movie there were a bunch of boys and they were in a plane crash. The plane had crashed in the ocean and the boys were able to make it to a deserted island. While the boys were on the island they tried to make a community and had rules to stay sane, eventually the boys lost control and went insane and tried to kill each other, in the end they were rescued but a few boys were already killed before the rescue came.


I think the movie was great, the boys were fairly good actors for such a young age. But the only problem with the movie was that it didn’t capture the symbolism of the conch as well as the book had. Over all I rate the movie a 8/10.


The movie had the boys arriving on the island with a raft but in the book the boys had started out on the island and just got up and started to look for one another. Another point was how Ralph the main character in the book picked up the conch and decided it was a way of calling upon people and having a group session. " 'We can't have everybody talking at once... I'll give him the conch... [and then] I'll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he's speaking.' "(P.31) But in the movie he just blew the conch and they all came toward him to see what it was, so the book had shown more symbolism then the movie had done for the conch.

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