Wednesday, 20 June 2012

City of Lost Souls Creative Essay

I struggle to free myself from the crushing hold Jace has on my arms. I just wish he would snap out of this possession. I want the real him back, the him I know I can reach if only I can get my hands on that sword. The screams and cries of the injured echo around me and the smell of freshly spilled blood fills the humid night air. I can see the shadowhunters clad in black leather fighting off the red clad traitors with all their might. At least the ritual was interrupted before anyone else was turned. 
The red clad traitors surround Jace, Sebastian, and I, trying to protect there master. I struggle against the strong hold that Jace has on me but it is no use, his grip is like iron. A thought clicks in my head and I stop struggling. I lean back against his chest and relax, he sees this as me giving up and loosens his grip. I kick back quickly and he removes his grip with a gasp. I run and push my way through the sea of red. I finally break through and see something that breaks my heart. Laying on the ground are hundreds of bodies. Black and red cloaks spread like broken angels wings. I push the thought out of my mind and keep running trying to find Simon.
"Clary!" his familiar voice calls from my right and I turn frantically searching for his messy brown hair and lanky body. There he is.
"Simon! I'm so glad you're okay!" I yell as we collide in hug that lasts only a second thanks to the fighting around us. Simon has tears in his eyes.
"I brought the sword." He says handing it to me. It is gleaming silver and is very sharp. It is a true angel sword.
"Thank god. Is everyone alright?" I ask.
"Your mom and Alec and Izzy are fine considering but Magnus was stabbed by one of the soldiers. He is still alive but barely." I can see that he is holding something back from me but at the moment I can't question him.
"Okay. You go back and make sure they are all safe and I will find Sebastian." I spit out Sebastian's name.
"Clary, please just don't get yourself killed." Simon says with a small smile on his face.
"Same to you." I reply. We hug briefly and then I run back the way I came.
The fighting has died down a bit and it is obvious that the shadowhunters are winning. The circle of red clad traitors is no longer there and I can see both Sebastian and Jace fighting. I run towards the silver hair of Sebastian but am blocked by Jace. He stands in front of me eyes narrowed and clothes bloody.
"Clary, why won't you listen and stay with us? I only want you to be safe." He says exasperated. His golden eyes dart down to the sword in my hand. "Wh-" he begins but before he can say anything I drive the blade through his chest and fall to the ground.
"If one is stabbed the link is broken between the two. If the one you stab is completely evil then he will die and burn to ash while if the other one is being possessed then they will live and vice versa"
Those words circle my mind as tears slide down my cheeks. Please let it work.
I am watching Jace when all of a sudden he starts glowing and a long high pitched scream emanates from his gaping mouth. The sword is glowing with a golden fire and it is spreading over Jace's body. I am now sobbing uncontrollably. I just killed Jace, the love of my life.

The sounds of battle have disappeared and all that are left are about twenty shadowhunters and Simon who is now stroking my back. The last of the holy fire that was burning Jace is gone and his lifeless body lies in the cool grass in front of me. I lunge forward and grab his face.
"Jace. Wake up. You have to wake up now! Please. Don't leave me. Please!" I scream at him and shake him. He can't be dead.
My mom grabs my shoulder and turns me to her.
"Clary, he is gone. Lets leave, it will make it easier." She says to me tears brimming in her green eyes.
"I am not leaving. He has to be alive." I yell at her and turn back to face his body.
I stare at his perfect face as people try to persuade me to get up, to leave but I don't pay attention. His face is still full of life. I am thinking about how it looks like he is sleeping when I see a slight movement. I look closer. I wait a few seconds and then, his eye twitchs.
"He's still alive! His eye twitched. Please someone come help!" I scream hysterically to the people around me. I allow my mother to take me away as Jace is put on a stretcher and taken back to the institute. I look off into the distance and see a figure with silvery hair lying on the ground motionless.
"Is that... Sebastian?" I ask my mother, shocked. The sword actually killed him. My mom looks over and sees him to. We look at each other and smile. Another evil taken from this world.

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