Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bonus assignement : represent a key scene

The Tiger

He was hungry,
I was next.

I knew it was bound to happen,
The others were dead.

I was the last one left,
I was weak, helpless.

I’d seen him kill,
He was ferocious, strong

But before my very eyes,
Before my very ears,

He purred,
I was safe.

Personal Response:
            This poem is about the scene where Pi learns that Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger, means no harm. In my opinion it is a very significant part of Pi’s survival. The tiger could have easily shredded and eaten him, but he chose not to. He liked Pi; he purred the way tigers do to let another creature know they mean no harm. Luckily Pi knew, from living at a zoo, exactly what that sound was like. Pi later remembers Richard could survive off fish and salt water; he had no need to kill Pi. Bengal tigers can swim, hunt and drink saline water.

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