Tuesday, 12 June 2012

quarter the text #4

Quartering the text #4
Bryan Taylor
Lord of the Flies

Skeletal plot:
1)Ralph and piggy are together by them selves
  1. Jack is the new leader
  2. Piggy gets a boulder pushed onto him and dies
  3. Ralph is against everyone else and all the boys are looking for him
  4. They set the island on fire and a nearby marine ship sees it and comes and rescues them
Conflict: Character vs Character: Ralph and piggy are now against all the boys because Jack has taken over as the leader and all the boys are after them. After piggy is killed Ralph is the next one on the list.

Setting: The boys are still on the island and eventually get rescued.

Character: Jack and his allies, Ralph, piggy until he dies, the twins, the marine.

Point of View: The point of view is still 3rd person/limited omniscient. Its looking into all heads.



Personal Response:
This is the best quarter out of them all, this is when the most of the stuff happens. Piggy tries to tell the boys how important it is to get rescued and survive when all the boys are thinking about is killing and having the power. Eventually piggy dies and Ralph is all alone. The boys go looking for Ralph and set the island on fire. Luckily to Ralph a nearby Marine ship see the island on fire and comes over to look and Ralph is saved.

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