Tuesday, 12 June 2012

3rd quarter

Quartering the text         chapters 19-26  Memoirs of a Geisha     
·         Sayuri becomes one of the most popular geishas in the town, and is invited to lots of parties.
·         Sayuri dances a solo in one the most important shows of the year. This is really her main show before she sells her virginity. Sayuri’s mentor has great pride that Nobu and Dr. Crab will be the highest bidders.
·         Mother adopts Sayuri after she is confirmed a virgin.
·         Dr. Crab won the bid and got Sayuri’s virginity. All went well and she was also recognized for having the highest priced virginity in her town.
·         Nobu is mad at Sayuri for not taking his offer for her virginity and avoids her. She is determined to find him.
Chiyo lives with Mameha and her Mother in the village.

We meet, Cr. Crab, Nobu and General Tottori. All these men are involved in the bidding of Sayuri’s virginity.
Still first person, still to relate her feelings and emotions in everything that she is saying.
The writer is writing as if he is telling her story and then will jump to the present of how he is feeling when Sayuri is telling him all this as a 65 year old women.

The theme is this quarter is to work for what you want and that to get something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done.
I think that this quarter was kind of graphic and very realistic. We learnt the most grime about the geisha world and it was very interesting.

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