Wednesday, 20 June 2012

City of Lost Souls Diary Entries

Clarys Diary
Entry 1
I woke up this morning screaming. I had the same dream again. I've had it every night since Jace disappeared. I dreamt that the world was covered with ice and all I can see is angels falling from the sky with bloody wings. I look back at the ground and see Sebastian standing there laughing with Jace standing expressionless beside him. I can't believe I let Sebastian take Jace away I don't know what he's doing to him or where they are. At least I got a bit of good news today. I am not guilty of doing illegal magic. It's a bit bittersweet though because the Clave had called off the search for Jace. I guess Simon, Izzy, Alec, and I are on our own now.

Entry 2
I contacted the Seelie Queen today to see if she would help us find Jace. She said she would if I stole her fathers old rings back from the Institute. She told me that they could be used to contact the person wearing the other one through mind. I found them and decided to keep them to myself, they could be useful in the future. When I was getting the rings guess what happened? Jace and Sebastian walked in the room together. I was so shocked and upset. The worst thing was that they were acting as if they were brothers. Jace wasn't even fighting for his own freedom. I was hiding from them up on the balcony completely frozen. They were looking for a book. I can't quite remember what it was, I'm still in shock.

Entry 3
I can;t believe it! Jace walked into my room while I was sleeping and acted completely normal. I knew it wasn't the real him in there. He seemed empty and cold and whenever I mentioned what that Sebastian was evil and he killed many people Jace's face just went slack and it seemed like what I said had flew over his head. Sebastian walked in while Jace was talking to me and they both want me to come with them and help them with whatever they are doing. Sebastian seems a bit different. He seems a bit kinder and he told me that Jace is under Lilith's curse which binds both Jace and Sebastian together which makes killing one kill the other. They both went downstairs and I followed but my mom was down there. She grabbed a knife and had tears in her eyes. She wants to kill Sebastian. She feels as though it's her fault he is evil. They ended up fighting and then look came down the stairs and shot at Sebastian. The bullet hit his arm and both he and Jace screamed in pain and had blood bleed through their shirts. Sebastian then threw a knife at Luke and it hit him in the stomach. It was covered in silver and seeing how Luke is a werewolf it is affecting him very badly if we don't get help soon he may die. Jace and Sebastian left through a portal after that but Jace asked me to meet him back and Luke's place tomorrow night. I think I will. I have and idea.

Entry 4
I am sitting on the doorstep of Luke's house waiting for Jace right now. Me and my mom were staying with Magnus and Alec after Luke was stabbed yesterday. My mom locked me in my room so I won't go looking for Jace. I can't believe she is treating me like such a little kid. I know she wants me to be safe but doesn't she realize how much I love Jace? Anyway, this afternoon I was able to sneak out and meet Simon. I told about how the Seelie rings work and that I'd like him to use one while I have the other so I can go with Jace and Sebastian and relay info back to Simon and everyone. He really didn't want me to go but ended up realizing that I would go anyways so he reluctantly agreed. I will probably be going through demon worlds and other different places while I am with Jace and Sebastian so I hope the rings work there. I see Jace coming. I probably won't be able to write while I am with them so, bye!

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