Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lord O flies Diary Entry

Lord of the Flies Diary Entry
by David Lowe

Entry by Ralph

Its been a long time since I've wrote anything. I asked a Naval officer if i could have have some paper and a pen to write my thoughts... We were stuck on that island a long time, many things happened and many have become painful memories. On the island many things were lost, clothes, civility, blood, and lives. Now that were off the island, i admit it. I was apart of..... the murder of Simon. I tried to block it out on the island but i need to accept that i helped in it. I was one of the many who brutally killed Simon. His death, will likely haunt me forever. But Simon was not thee only loss of life, there was also the youngun who disappeared after the fire, and Piggy. Piggy, he was my friend and I realize now I should have been more appreciative of him. The memory of him falling onto the rocks, the crimson coming out of his head, and the faint twitches of his body are seared into my soul. Piggy stayed cool headed and helped me when i was supposed to me chief, i never would have survived if not for him. On the island everyone lost who they were, but i will never forgive Jack and Roger, I hope I never see either of them again; they killed piggy, they tried to burn me alive. The smell of the smoke and the fear I felt just strengthens the hate i feel for Jack and Roger. The island will stay with me all my life, i even visited the kitchen just earlier, and the crackling of the fire pit reignited the pain and hate and fear i felt. The Island WILL haunt me forever.

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  1. Appreciate all the details- strong descriptive writing.

    Bit short! Could you add in another two entries for perfect marks?