Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lord of the Flies: Quarter 3

Alayah Czernick
June 5th / 12
Lord of the Flies: Quarter 3
Skeletol Plot:
  1. Boys wonder around the mountain
  2. Jack finds pig droppings
  3. Jack leaves Ralph's tribe
  4. Jack makes a new tribe and is now Chief of that tribe
  5. The new tribe kills a pig and invites Piggy and Ralph to join
  6. Jacks tribe reenact the hunting of the pig, while Simon tried to explain what has happened, the tribe gets carried away and kills Simon.

Conflict: In this Quarter conflict has really escaladed between Ralph and Jack about power. Jack doesn't want Ralph to be Chief anymore,so he goes off and makes his own Tribe. The followers of Jack also join his new Tribe.

Setting: The boys are still on the island, or either in the jungle on the island. Though the boys are now scattered around the island.

Characters: Ralph, Jack, Simon, Piggy, Roger, and Jacks Hunters

Point of View: Third person omniscient. Again, it tells the story from all point of views. The P.O.V is not looking into one head, but looking into all.

Writers Style:
  1. Similie: “The twins nodded like one boy.” (Page 127)
  2. Imagery: “Bash him in!” (Page 126)
  3. Diction: “Indignant (Page 141)
  4. Novel Idea: Savagery - “Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! Bash him in!” (Page 126)
  5. Dialogue: “What's the good of climbing up to this here beast when Ralph and the other couldn't do nothing?” (Page 142)


Personal Response: I can relate to Ralph on how it feels to loose power and how no one has faith in you. Although, I can also relate to Jack on how frustrated he can be, because he is the
older boy and he doesn't agree with Ralph. So,I can relate to both on how the thirst of power is frustrating either way.

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